Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's Oh So Quiet

Listening to: 'Spanish Harlem' by Aretha Franklin [The Very Best of Aretha Franklin: Respect]

I'm bored. If it was Monday, I'd have ballroom dancing; Tuesday, Chinese; Wednesday, swimming; Friday, chores (!). But no, today's Thursday, and I have nothing to do. My night-owlish body clock won't let me go to bed early, so here I am, post-microwaveable dinner, listening to Aretha and blogging. Methinks a soliloquy is on the cards.


Gave my second set of supervisions today - 'supervisions' being the small-group tutorials that accompany (and hopefully complement) undergraduate lectures. I'm so used to being a supervisee that it feels weird being on the other side of the fence. And now I realise what a horrid supervisee I must have been! I'm half-inclined to write heart-felt apologies to my supervisors, but seeing as I now work with those very supervisors, maybe that's not such a good idea! I love it though. The more humorous side of my enjoyment is the sense of 'empowerment' with the red pen in my hand, when marking supervision work. I'm such a pedant! But on a more philosophical level, I find teaching deeply satisfying. When a supervisee says "oh I get it now", I get such an adrenaline rush! There's a lot of preparation involved and it is quite time consuming considering what I'm getting paid, but it's worth it. If only I could do this for the rest of my life...

Moving House

Well, not house, but lab...and considering I'm going to be in this lab for the next three years, it's kind of like a house. The new lab is ready. It looks so shiny! The past few days have been spent cataloguing chemicals and trying to find storage space for all the glassware. My plan is to somehow sneak a radio/CD player inside at some point...I need my music!!!

New Year's Eve

Yes I know there's another two months to go, but anyone who knows what Sri Lanka is like on the 31st of December will understand. The fact that I'm at home this New Year's is something I'm slightly apprehensive about. Here's the shocking confession: I've never been out on 31st night. I did buy a ticket for the most popular event one year, but the news sent my extended family into a series of panic attacks (the event is known for being home to a few well-publicised brawls), and I sold my ticket off because frankly, my family's peace of mind is far more important to me than an expensive party. The times I've been home since, I've spent with my parents.
Anyway, it would seem that going to one of these events (a more non-violent one, obviously) would be a good idea. But as with all 'good' ideas, I'm not convinced. These things always tend to be packed with people from my past - the same people who looked (and still look) at me as if I'm something the cat brought in. Now this wouldn't matter if I had a fun crowd to go with and I was able to avoid the condescending eyes. However, just as my luck would have it, my friends who can actually afford to go to these things are also friends with the there's no chance of me avoiding them! Oh how I hate going home in December.

I guess it's time for me to catch up on some sleep. Thanks to Björk for the title.


  1. hmm shouldn't cambridge tutes be one on one? or maybe its different for the sciences. Best bet for 31st is to get a few close friends and go out of town, we gave up on the colombo party thing a couple of years ago and this is much more fun. If you can get past the annoyance of organizing that is. Expect cancellations from those who are tempted by the bright lights at the last minute.

  2. Yeah they are one on one in some cases - mostly there are 2 or 3 supervisees in each group. One of my groups has 2 and the other has just one.

    Going out of Colombo is an option...but yeah, organising it is a bloody pain!

  3. I've never been out on 31st night either, this will be my first time... I've generally spent it with my parents, and last year went out of colombo with a group of friends. fortunately, others had the joyful task of organising, and I went along for the ride! I vote you take the plunge and join us when we go where-ever we go! :o)Either the CNL one, or some fatman-scoop thing in Mount Lavinia.


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