Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Anti-Birthday

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Was in London for a friend's birthday on Friday...and was reminded that there are 2 weeks (not 3, as I had hoped) left until it's my turn. I don't like my birthday. Birthday wishes reek of insincerity...especially when they come from people who I know couldn't care less about me. When someone reminds me about my birthday, I feel so antisocial...I just want to crawl under a rock and wait for the day to pass. And this year I don't even have exams to hide behind.



  1. tell me about it..this year marks the long slide down to the thirties...and I only have around 3 weeks to enjoy of being 'quarterlifed' solution...a big bottle of rum and someone to drive me home and put me to bed afterwards...

  2. I have absolutely no idea if they're sincere or not but I always feel vaguely embarassed when people remember my birthday and send wishes.

    It's such a non-event for me. Has been that way for years.

    And even more embarassingly, I never remember birthdays either. Considering my ability to recall obscure factoids, most people refuse to believe that I genuinely forget about their birthdays, which sorta sucks.

  3. i don't like b'days becos i don't like the attention. but i think you are being far too pessimistic about it. why do you think they are being insincere? that doesn't seem too fair. what's a 'sincere' b'day wish anyway? the only type is what ppl who really love u wish for. i think it's just nice people remember b'days, or even just bothering to write a wall post. wishing someone doesn't mean they are being insincere - they're just wishing u. what more do u expect from them?? don't hate b'days becos of it.
    and don't feel u have to do things on ur b'day u dn't wanna do. it's UR day.. do what u like :) or treat it like any other day.. that works too :)

  4. You know, when I read this post ages ago, i nearly had a heart attack...plans for your birthday were already in the offing! well, tough sammycakes, birthdays are not about the birthday person...they're actually opportunities for friends of the bday person to declare their love and affection for them! :)


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