Sunday, November 28, 2010

Move over, rick-rolling!

Listening to: nothing

So in case you've been living under a rock for the past few days, the Ashes have begun. Now I know that a lot of non-English/Aussie cricket fans like to rubbish the series as being over-hyped and overrated, but I think there's something magical about the tradition, the history and the rivalry. And this time we've even got good cricket! Day 1 saw a hatrick for Siddle and a lower order batting collapse for England, Day 2 was pretty even (if I recall correctly), Day 3 saw a batting masterclass from Mike Hussey and Brad Haddin, much to England's chagrin...followed by a lower order collapse for Australia (which went pretty much unnoticed, for obvious reasons). And then when all hope was lost for England, Day 4 saw some brilliant batting against what must have been a rather mediocre Aussie bowling attack...I can't say for sure, 'cos I went to sleep when they stopped for lunch.

Which brings me closer to the point of this post (there is one, promise). I've found that music is pretty ineffective at keeping me awake during late night thesis-writing, but a potent mix of Test Match Special on BBC 5live Sports Extra and the #theashes hashtag on twitter is exactly what the doctor ordered. It's quite a bizarre feeling - in reality I'm sitting in my flat, all alone, listening to the commentary...but with the live twitter feed from people who are listening to the same commentary or watching on TV, it's like I'm in a room full of cricket fans, cheering, jeering and discussing every minute detail of the match. And considering the time difference, you know that everyone tweeting from the UK is a genuine cricket fan, which is always nice. It's all general camaraderie, lots of retweeting of funny quips (of which there are a lot) and friendly banter.

Ah yes, banter...the reason I started typing this post. Ladies and gentlemen, meet @theashes. She's some girl in the States...and possibly therefore completely clueless about the significance of her username, especially over these few weeks. What probably started out as a mistake (someone typing '@' instead of '#' when tagging the match in a tweet) has turned into a bit of a meme. I'm not sure how many followers she had before her account was 'discovered', but at the time of this post, she has 3,914. And I don't even want to try and count how many mentions she gets...every second. Of course she tweeted this early on in the hope we'd take a hint -

Yeah can't fool us!
- wishful thinking, eh? ;-)

I hope she takes it in good is just friendly banter after all. And if it gets too much (which I suspect it has already) she could just change her username. Although life would be a lot better for all her fans if she didn't ;-).

Anyway, 10mins before final day's play. I'm gonna go get settled into my thesis. Come on England!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

You are my medicine

Listening to: Radio 1

Quick mini post 'cos I'm in the middle of a productive day. I'll blog about the Gorillaz gig later, but for now, treat your ears to 3 minutes and 14 seconds of pure awesome.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

When I'm down and I feel like giving up

Listening to: Radio 1

There are two songs that I can't get enough of right now. And as per usual, they're completely different.

Whip My Hair - Willow Smith

OK let's forget the artist for a minute, and focus on the song. It is a CHOON! The hook is catchy as hell...and if the beat doesn't get you bouncing, I dunno what will. I can't embed her music video, so here's her performance on Ellen.

Now let's go back to the artist. She's ten, and the daughter of Will Smith a.k.a. the nicest, coolest guy in the universe. Child stars like her worry me a bit...I'm concerned that she might turn into the next LiLo/Britney/Demi Lovato etc. etc...but her parents seem pretty grounded, so hopefully that'll work in her favour. *fingers crossed*

Your Song - Ellie Goulding

When I heard Fearne Cotton mention that there was a cover of Elton John's 'Your Song', I died a little inside. It's one of my favourite songs and a cover that didn't show due respect would be a disaster in my books. Thankfully, Ellie Goulding doesn't disappoint. Obviously it helps that the track was produced by one of the guys from Mumford & Sons, but I think Ellie's voice really shines here. Her album is good, but sometimes the electronic production eclipses her unique tone, which is a shame. In this track, however, it's laid bare for all to appreciate. John Lewis have struck gold by making this the soundtrack to their Christmas TV ad, and although I think the iTunes release is a bit premature, I'm hoping this'll be a contender for xmas #1.

In other news, I've had 3 1/2hrs' sleep, I'm currently in the lab, and I'm off to London in the evening to see Gorillaz at the O2! Oh the rockstar life I lead.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

To-Do List

Listening to: 'Like a G6' by Far East Movement [Free Wired]

  1. Finish experiments before my collaborators go all juvenile (again) and say I can't use their lab any more
  2. Write up so that my supervisor has enough time to read my thesis properly before I submit
  3. Get a viva date before the degree committee meeting
  4. Get a visa appointment before my student visa expires
  5. Pass my viva (hahahahahahaha - I don't know why I find this so funny)
  6. Get the confirmation letter before my visa appointment
  7. Apply for my new visa before I get deported
And you wonder why I'm stressed.

Friday, November 05, 2010


Listening to: 'The Heart Never Lies' by McFly [McFly: Greatest Hits]

I've been so stressed lately. Like a sumo wrestler is sitting on my shoulders. I've been trying to find quick fix stress relievers, but I haven't had much luck...until this evening. I was walking back from the lab (I left my bike at home today 'cos it was so windy) and listening to some music, when the following song came on. I pretty much sang along out loud and skipped all the way home. And now I'm feeling all energised. Not necessarily motivated, but I'll take what I can get :D

Anyway, here it is:

"There's nothing on Earth that can save us, when I fell in love with Uranus" :D

And since seeing them on the Chris Moyles Show Access All Areas Tour (which I'll blog about in more detail soon) yesterday, I am properly in love with McFly. Specifically Harry.

L-R: Tom, Dougie, Danny, Harry
Ladies (and gents), if you'd like to see more *ahem* revealing pics from their Attitude shoot, click here (they're totally NSFW, in case it wasn't obvious from the above pic). You're welcome.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy tears

Listening to: Nothing

I dare you to watch this and not be smiling at the end (or crying, if you're as much of a stressed bunny as I am right now).