Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The voices in my head...

Listening to: um...the voices in my head, duh!

...let's call them X and Y (because I'm not feeling particularly creative right now). Their conversation with me goes something like this...

X:- look at it this way, you're sacrificing your desires in order to maintain the harmony of your environment
Y:- Ha! What bollocks. Pathetic excuse. Just admit it, you're not doing anything about it 'cos you know you wouldn't be able to get him even if you kidnapped him and slipped him a roofie.
X:- Don't listen to that evil midget! You're a lovely person and I'm sure he'd consider the idea if he knew...but you can't let that happen 'cos it'd just make everything so weird for the others.
Y:- HAHAHA whatever minger. Calling me a midget. Heh. But seriously loser, just accept it. It'll make your life much easier.
X:- You're so mean! Aww poor baby. Take no notice. Anyway you know this isn't Mr Right...this is just a lovely guy you wish you could get closer to. The perfect guy for you will come along...
Y:- PERFECT GUY? Oh puhlees, excuse me while I puke. Remember what Chris Moyles said to Tina this morning? "YOUR PERFECT GUY IS GAY". Hahahahahahaha hilarious! Yeah so some lucky girls find these elusive 'perfect guy' toys. You are not one of those girls. Don't look at me like that, I'm just trying to be honest with you! It's for your own good.
X:- For her own good? How would YOU know what's for her own good? You don't even know what she's like! You just...
Y:- Oh and you DO? Just take off those rose-tinted glasses for a second would...
Sigh. Please excuse the lame-ass post. Regular transmission will resume shortly, I promise. Or at least I hope so, 'cos this state I'm in sucks!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let's hear it for the (sporty) boy(s)

Listening to: 'Do Wah Doo' by Kate Nash [My Best Friend Is You]

I've been looking at sportsmen a lot this week. No it's not as weird as it sounds...it was part of a birthday surprise for my friend who's a rugby fan. And what I noticed was, a lot of them are incredibly fit. No I don't necessarily mean in terms of physique...I mean that bit's obvious, yeah? My point is a lot of them are droolworthy. I mean take a look at these guys, for instance...

Dan Carter (Rugby)

Apparently he plays for the All Blacks. Do we care? I'm sorry but just look at that face. Just look. at. that. face. *sigh*...why would we care? If you want a real treat, check out the rest of him here (but at home, unless googling underwear models is kosher at your workplace) :P

Morgan Parra (Rugby)

I'm not happy about the fact that he was instrumental in England's defeat last night, but apart from that...erm yeah :D

Jenson Button (F1)

I'm not usually a fan of facial hair but in this case, I'm not complaining :D

Kimi Räikkönen (F1/Rally Driving)

How can I talk about hot sportsmen and not talk about Kimi? *sigh*

Stephen Fleming (Cricket)

OK so I know he's retired which means I'm kinda cheating, but hey...my blog, my rules.

Andrew Flintoff (Cricket)

Not an obvious choice, I know...but there's just something about Freddie...maybe that northern charm.

David Beckham (Footy)

Now this is an obvious choice; you have to agree he is a beautiful man.

Michael Owen (Footy)

Aww just look at that smile!

Marat Safin (Tennis)

The day he retired was a sad day for tennis...in every way imaginable. I just wish he'd shave more often!

Rafael Nadal (Tennis)

What list of sporty hotties would be complete without Rafa? And no, that Shakira video is not a mistake. Watch and you will see why (I actually prefer the Spanish version, which you can listen to here).

So yeah, I just realised I've listed 10 hotties from 5 sports. Not intentional, I promise. Admittedly this post is mostly for the girls, but hopefully the video will keep the boys happy. And yes, I enjoyed every bit of this post. Now I shall go back to my thesis. Just a thought though...why can't 'normal' guys be this good looking? Sigh.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I told you she didn't have a dick

Listening to: Radio 1

I'm not really a fan of Lady Gaga, but this video is just something else. If this doesn't win at the MTV awards this year, then bloody hell I'll do a Kanye!

Quite probably NSFW, btw

Oh and in case you're wondering about the title for this post, listen to the dialogue at 1:09.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Just don't go there...

Listening to: 'Starry Eyed' by Ellie Goulding [Lights]

You know how you think you just might maybe possibly slightly fancy someone, even though he's not your 'type'? And you know you're not his type so it's not like he'd go for you, but even if you were, you two are so not compatible? And even if you were compatible, it would just be weird and wrong?

And you know how you think you just might maybe possibly slightly fancy someone (either that or you want to mother him)? And it's great 'cos he's so your type (well one of your many 'types' anyway). But regardless of what your twisted feelings are, you know there's nothing there?

Sigh...I really don't need this right now. See this is what happens when the only semblance of excitement in my life is a very small portion of undergrad eye candy. FML.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I live a very, very, very wild lifestyle

Listening to: 'Pass Out' by Tinie Tempah [The Disc-Overy]

Can I just say...oh boy am I loving this tune! Tinie Tempah is the latest grime artist to reach the mainstream airwaves...and his first offering is impressive, to say the least. I was listening to Nihal's review show last night and Jay Sean said that this could be the track to take grime to the US. I dunno if I'd go that far...I mean, "I've been Southampton but I've never been to Scunthorpe"...?! Most people outside the UK don't even know that Scunthorpe exists! But I agree that the combination of jungle beats, Soulja Boy/Kid Cudi-esque melody and (omg how awesome) drum n bass ending give it a broader appeal than your average grime track.

And there's a funky acoustic version he did for 1Xtra's Live Lounge here!

But erm yeah, back to what I meant to talk about in this post. I did three consecutive hours of teaching today. It was supposed to be two, but due to a certain lack of foresight on everyone's part, I spent three hours running from whiny student to whiny student, trying to mark off their coursework. I know procrastination is part of the undergrad experience, but this is just taking the piss! I mean did each of them seriously think they'd be the only student needing help during the last session? I felt bad that the kids that just needed to get signed off had to hang around for so long...but what could I do? I'm not Superwoman. I think as students, it's easy to forget that teachers/supervisors/demonstrators are human too. In fact I ended up snapping at a few of the kids who were whinging a bit...and they were the good kids! They just happened to grumble in the wrong place at the wrong time. Anyone who knows me well enough to have been on the receiving end of my wrath...you know it's not pretty. I hadn't lost my temper in a very long time, and while this was a whole lot calmer than past episodes, I still felt pretty shitty about it. So I just sent those students an email to apologise. Is it normal for teachers to apologise to students? I dunno. I did what I felt was right at the time. Hopefully they'll appreciate it. Even if they don't, my conscience is clear.

But you know what the weird thing was? After the three hours, I was knackered, dehydrated...and totally fired up. It was the biggest adrenalin rush I've had in a while. Some people get their kicks from falling backwards into the sea, others from embellishing their job interview stories (to hilariously epic proportions, mind you)...and I get mine from teaching? Evidently so. With every incident I'm more and more convinced that this is what I want to do in life...if only I can find a place that'll suit my 'master plan'!

Anyway, after that session, there was lunch with the labmates, writing up coursework for my teaching course, a visit to M&S for some chocolatey snacks for the lab, a cycle home via Sainsburys, and playing the role of agony aunt while I had my dinner. And now this post. I probably should've done some work on the thesis today but my brain has gone to sleep. Tomorrow eh? (Yeah, procrastination isn't just an undergrad affliction.)

So yeah...'very, very, very wild lifestyle'? I think not, Mr Tempah. But that suits me fine.