Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let's hear it for the (sporty) boy(s)

Listening to: 'Do Wah Doo' by Kate Nash [My Best Friend Is You]

I've been looking at sportsmen a lot this week. No it's not as weird as it was part of a birthday surprise for my friend who's a rugby fan. And what I noticed was, a lot of them are incredibly fit. No I don't necessarily mean in terms of physique...I mean that bit's obvious, yeah? My point is a lot of them are droolworthy. I mean take a look at these guys, for instance...

Dan Carter (Rugby)

Apparently he plays for the All Blacks. Do we care? I'm sorry but just look at that face. Just look. at. that. face. *sigh*...why would we care? If you want a real treat, check out the rest of him here (but at home, unless googling underwear models is kosher at your workplace) :P

Morgan Parra (Rugby)

I'm not happy about the fact that he was instrumental in England's defeat last night, but apart from that...erm yeah :D

Jenson Button (F1)

I'm not usually a fan of facial hair but in this case, I'm not complaining :D

Kimi Räikkönen (F1/Rally Driving)

How can I talk about hot sportsmen and not talk about Kimi? *sigh*

Stephen Fleming (Cricket)

OK so I know he's retired which means I'm kinda cheating, but blog, my rules.

Andrew Flintoff (Cricket)

Not an obvious choice, I know...but there's just something about Freddie...maybe that northern charm.

David Beckham (Footy)

Now this is an obvious choice; you have to agree he is a beautiful man.

Michael Owen (Footy)

Aww just look at that smile!

Marat Safin (Tennis)

The day he retired was a sad day for every way imaginable. I just wish he'd shave more often!

Rafael Nadal (Tennis)

What list of sporty hotties would be complete without Rafa? And no, that Shakira video is not a mistake. Watch and you will see why (I actually prefer the Spanish version, which you can listen to here).

So yeah, I just realised I've listed 10 hotties from 5 sports. Not intentional, I promise. Admittedly this post is mostly for the girls, but hopefully the video will keep the boys happy. And yes, I enjoyed every bit of this post. Now I shall go back to my thesis. Just a thought though...why can't 'normal' guys be this good looking? Sigh.


  1. Oh ... man.


  2. Oh an video,
    Rafa has such a cute bum!!!
    Men think women don't notice bum's but could they be any more mistaken?

  3. "why can't 'normal' guys be this good looking?"

    :O :O :O :P ;)

  4. hahahah.. what did I tell you about us Rugby players ;) :p

  5. aaaahhhh.... this is why i should never read blogs while at "work"... distraction factor is very high, PR.

    (Angel goes off to a corner with laptop in order to drool uninterrupted)

  6. drooly. P find me a sudda fellow willoo

  7. DAMN! All very good choice Pseudo! Brightened my Monday morning up immensely! :)

  8. white boys :P all ways make us, the average Joes feel bad :S

  9. oh btw.. u shud google these names.. Percy Montgomery, Francois Steyn, Reuan Piennar, Richard Kahui

  10. Awwww... Owen is such a cutie! I remember being thoroughly smitten by him and going through an Owen-poster phase. :)

  11. Sabby - :D And omg yeah of course bums are important! We notice everything muahahaha :D

    Chavie - :P

    Hisham - lol are you grouping yourself with Mr Carter?! Until Jockey/Armani/Tissot/Tag come running to you asking you to be their new brand ambassador, I'm afraid you're gonna have to suck it up in the 'normal guy' camp :P
    And as for your suggestions...Kahui's alright, if a little too broad for my liking, but the rest...erm no thanks!

    Angel - tee hee I'm sowwyyyy :D

    Dee - aney I can't even get myself one, how can I find one for you?!

    Scrumps - glad I could be of service! :D

    Me-Shak - hahahha nothing wrong with white boys :P And now you know how girls feel when you lot ogle all the Megan Fox's and Scarlett Johansson's of the world! :P

    GF - :D I had a poster of Gary Lineker when he was England captain...sigh so lush. Probably a bit before your time though eh? ;-)

  12. Gary Lineker is still hot! :$


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