Saturday, March 06, 2010

Just don't go there...

Listening to: 'Starry Eyed' by Ellie Goulding [Lights]

You know how you think you just might maybe possibly slightly fancy someone, even though he's not your 'type'? And you know you're not his type so it's not like he'd go for you, but even if you were, you two are so not compatible? And even if you were compatible, it would just be weird and wrong?

And you know how you think you just might maybe possibly slightly fancy someone (either that or you want to mother him)? And it's great 'cos he's so your type (well one of your many 'types' anyway). But regardless of what your twisted feelings are, you know there's nothing there?

Sigh...I really don't need this right now. See this is what happens when the only semblance of excitement in my life is a very small portion of undergrad eye candy. FML.


  1. Starry eyed indeed.

    What? That's most neutral comment I could make! (My original went somewhere along the lines of ''goforitgoforitgoforit!!!!!!!!!')

    (yes that many exclamation marks!!!)

  2. *sigh* goforitgoforitgoforit!!!111 ;D

  3. come back to lanka.. men here are more likely to be ur type than not.. or doth i presumeth falsely? :P

    we need to do a cover again btw.. im bored n umotivated to blog, so i need to steal some of ur thunder.. lol..

  4. eeyerkk undergrad???? Surely there has got to be hot older professors or hot italian/argentianian post-grads exchange students around??

  5. Nothing good will ever happen if you analyse too much. Women, women, women. They think too much. :P

  6. Go for it! You have nothing to lose. And younger men are bee-yoo-tee-full! :)

  7. Sabby - LOL thank you for attempting to be neutral, much appreciated :D And in response to your original comment, nocandonocandonocando!!!!!!!!! I won't go into details here, but if told you, you'd understand why.

    Chavie - *sigh* indeed! :-)

    Gehan - ROFL indeed, the boy doth presumeth falsely! :P
    And yes let's do another cover! You pick :D

    Dee - hahaha well these two aren't undergrads, but some of the undergrads are pretty fiiiiiiine. There are plenty of old professors but they are not 'hot' by any stretch of the imagination, and the Italians tend to be oily, hairy and rather chauvinistic. Not my type really :P

    Serendib_Isle - lol nothing good can happen in this situation.

    Scrumps - Nah, on the contrary I have a lot to lose by 'going for it' :-( And the 'unrequited love' bug has bitten me far too many times for me to put myself out there again. Oh well. And lol yeah totally! :D

  8. Thanks for clarifying these two are not undergrads :D If the lusting remains in the harmless 'ooh he's so cute!' stage rather than deepening into the not-so-fun unrequited love stage, go for it. Eye candy is always a nice distraction from the thesis. Question is, can you continue the harmless lusting without letting it get too serious?

  9. LOL :D Well the 2nd one is pure eye candy so no probs there. The 1st one is the problem. I'll just have to make sure it doesn't develop into a serious issue. *sigh*


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