Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The voices in my head...

Listening to: um...the voices in my head, duh!

...let's call them X and Y (because I'm not feeling particularly creative right now). Their conversation with me goes something like this...

X:- look at it this way, you're sacrificing your desires in order to maintain the harmony of your environment
Y:- Ha! What bollocks. Pathetic excuse. Just admit it, you're not doing anything about it 'cos you know you wouldn't be able to get him even if you kidnapped him and slipped him a roofie.
X:- Don't listen to that evil midget! You're a lovely person and I'm sure he'd consider the idea if he knew...but you can't let that happen 'cos it'd just make everything so weird for the others.
Y:- HAHAHA whatever minger. Calling me a midget. Heh. But seriously loser, just accept it. It'll make your life much easier.
X:- You're so mean! Aww poor baby. Take no notice. Anyway you know this isn't Mr Right...this is just a lovely guy you wish you could get closer to. The perfect guy for you will come along...
Y:- PERFECT GUY? Oh puhlees, excuse me while I puke. Remember what Chris Moyles said to Tina this morning? "YOUR PERFECT GUY IS GAY". Hahahahahahaha hilarious! Yeah so some lucky girls find these elusive 'perfect guy' toys. You are not one of those girls. Don't look at me like that, I'm just trying to be honest with you! It's for your own good.
X:- For her own good? How would YOU know what's for her own good? You don't even know what she's like! You just...
Y:- Oh and you DO? Just take off those rose-tinted glasses for a second would...
Sigh. Please excuse the lame-ass post. Regular transmission will resume shortly, I promise. Or at least I hope so, 'cos this state I'm in sucks!


  1. Someone should punch X!
    And someone should punch Y even harder!!

    Poppycock, what you need is an angel version of me whispering what needs to be done. Which I have been trying to do from all the way here. Sort of. But noooooo...listen to your X and Y :P

    I repeat, you're too selfless for your own good. Think about it!

    And your perfect guy is gay? Oh please, turn on the TV, your perfect guy is on the tele, he's just not available! :D

    I actually liked this post. Something very endearing about it :)

  2. you are definitely not the only one having x and y arguments.
    i think what you're feeling is normal - and a lot of fear. fear of not knowing what will happen if you do open yourself up to being rejected, fear of not finding that 'perfect guy' and fear of what would happen if things DID potentially work with this guy.
    obviously i don't know the details but I don't see why you shouldn't give it a shot.

    I don't mean a big romantic gesture professing your love for this man, but getting some sort of signal out there, to show him your interested.
    it's not easy. it's damn scary, but what's the alternative? never knowing.

    don't waste your time thinking about what other people might think / say. who cares. it's your life not theirs. yes you might be let down and that is not something nice, but, as coldplay says 'if you never try then you'll never know' (or something like that!).

    whatever doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. go for it. and keep us updated :)

  3. oh and there's definitely, MOST DEFINITELY, no such thing as a perfect guy.
    they're just like girls. human. (maybe slightly less so but human all the same :p )
    and humans are not perfect by any means.

  4. What does poppycock mean? :O

  5. Well, here’s my case.

    Long, long time ago, I too waited for the perfect woman to come along.

    And she did.

    With some other guy.


  6. X is cool. Say hi to her for me.

  7. Y sounds a lot like me tho doesnt he/she/it?

    u and ur gypsy skirts.. sheesh.. u've written more posts about this 'muppet' than u have about any other boy, i think that justifies u to 'make a move!'... :D

    as for ur voices.. i hear they can treat bi-polar disorder these days.... without the shock therapy that is.. :D

  8. What?! Right, I will call you tonight and you can explain! :P

  9. Sabby - LOL so violent :P I'm sowwyy :D And as for me being selfless...you're not the first to tell me that. These are the ramblings of an altruist afterall ;-)
    And you do know that the perfect guys on tv are fictional, yeah? :P
    Glad you liked the post :-)

    St. Fallen - lol that scary eh? :D

    Anon - Thank you so much for your comment! Yeah there's a lot of fear. I'm not (consciously) scared of not finding a 'perfect guy' (I agree, they don't exist), but the other two, definitely. Unfortunately he is off-limits (admittedly limits I have set myself, but with good reason), so 'never knowing' is my only option. It's just trying to convince myself that I'm making the right choice that's difficult!

    Chavie - hehe poppycock = rubbish :-)

    Serendib_Isle - :-( Now see in my book, that wasn't your 'perfect woman'.

    Sach - lol she says hi back :P

    Gehan - So wait...you sound like an evil midget?! I never would've guessed :P And I've written TWO posts...hardly counts as a justification to make a move :P The last time I was in a similar situation was over 3 years ago, which is probably why most people aren't used to this side of me.
    And dude, this is not bi-polar, it's multiple personality disorder :P Get your mental illnesses right, please? :D

    Scrumps - You never called :'( ...lol I'll msg you the details ;-)

    Me-Shak - Hehe that's the plan! Thanks :-)

  10. LOL. You must know boys. They start with the outer appearance. Then we go in to details, such as intelligence.

    Then we learn.

    Then we grow up.


  11. Boys grow up? Wow I think I like your universe better than the one I'm living in ;-)

  12. OMG... the voices in your head sound *exactly* like the voices in mine! Even down to the midget comment, but that was directed at me! This is scary! (cue horror movie music)


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