Thursday, April 01, 2010


Listening to: 'Pass Out' by Plan B [Radio 1 Live Lounge]

I used to love X-Files. It was the only thing I could be bothered staying up late enough to watch on TV. I've forgotten a lot of what I saw, apart from the Smoking Man, the stretchy dude who came out of the escalator, and of course Mulder's password. But I digress. Sort of.

When you choose to trust a female friend with a secret, say the fact that you fancy their generally expect them to do one of two things: honour that trust, support you and keep quiet about the whole thing, or betray that trust and blab all over town. What you probably don't expect, is for them to act like you never told them anything and then use every opportunity they get to give you a "ha ha he likes me more than you, sucker!" sign. But that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what has happened to me.

Now I've come up with a few possibilities. Either it's all innocent and she doesn't realise how painful it is to have my nose rubbed in the glory of their friendship, or it's anything but innocent and I've inadvertently signed up for a catfight. The other explanation is that I've unwittingly made myself a third wheel in a budding clandestine romance, in which case...oooh shit. My gut is inclined to go with Option 2 (I have my reasons).

So what can I do? I'm shocked, disappointed, confused and upset. But none of that is gonna make me want to 'fight'. It's just not me. And it's not like me to be confrontational either, so we can cross out the "talk to her" option. All I can do is stomach it. Just sit through all the "ooh let me share this titbit of information about him to highlight the fact that I know him better than you" and the "ooh let me casually mention how he's so sweet to me and not you" moments. I mean seriously...I'm not the jealous type but she is really pushing me!

But yeah. Grin and bear. To be fair, it is my fault. My fault for bringing my emotions into the workplace, for forgetting that I should trust no one, and for allowing myself to get distracted and affected by all of this. I just need to get the walls back up and then all will be fine.

Sigh...when am I gonna stop allowing myself to get hurt?


  1. Awww! I know how that can be honey. :( It's sad that there are women out there like this. I'm sorry to hear about your "friend" but ignore her. There will come a time when she may need your help. You have to be the bigger person (easier said than done I know!). If you do need someone to vent to, I am here. I know I said I'd call but manic week! :(

  2. Females!!

    See as long as we have to live with other people, getting hurt is, sadly, a part of life. Unless you get as thick skinned as Jerry and let everything whoosh over your head.

    I've told you this in a hypothetical scenario, that she won't think about you if she was in your shoes. Clearly that wasn't me just being a cynic. I would love to say follow Scrumps advice and be the bigger person but honestly, when someone acts so selfish and bitchy, why the hell should you? (yes, yes, I know you don't bite a dog back but STILL).

    There really is no solution is there? Just gloat whenever he does something nice to you, grit teeth and cold shoulder her.

    People can be terrible, isn't it?! But who better to know that than an altruist :)


    (Eeek, long comment!)

  3. These are the moments when being a guy feels so good. We don’t have such jealousies, we would’ve sorted things out one way or the other. There are no grey areas in our case.

    Sorry PR, yes you shouldn’t trust anyone.


  4. This is how I see it, may be i'm right may be wrong :O

    She's acting that way cause she knows that he likes you more than her. She must be jealous.She's just trying to make you feel bad.

    What I would do is, look at her like she's some kid from third grade trying to be nasty. Feel sorry for her :O Look through her as though she's invisible."පඩේකට ගනන් ගන්න එපා"(I tried to trans late but nothing sounds good as the Sinhalese one) This is inferiority complex! Ignore her pseudo!

    She might exaggerate when she knows you don't give a shit, thats the way! Eventually she will fall back, trust me. I know a girl who did the same.

    :D gosh, I'm feeling so wicked right now!

    Lets take it easy :)

  5. women are generally insecure especially when it comes to workplace relations.. when they know a person longer than another, and something like this happens, it's sort of inevitable.. im not saying guys dnt do it, but its less often..

    its kinda sad really..

    time to pull out the big guns :D

  6. Awwww... I'm so sorry PR... women can be such biatches at times! *hugs*

  7. huugggggggggggggggggggg!!!

  8. clearly she's insecure. why try so hard otherwise?
    hold your head high and pretend to be unaffected. she will eventually tire of this little game if you dont react.
    in the meantime just concentrate your efforts on getting to know this bloke better :)

  9. Yeah, the "පඩේකට ගනන් ගන්න එපා" method has been tried and tested by Meshak and I and I promise you it's 100% effective! ;) hehe

    *hugs* You deserve better 'friends'! :)

  10. Scrumps - I've been there for her many times already! But yeah, I'm trying to follow an 'in through one ear, out through the other' policy. Hehe no worries hun! Thanks :-)

    Sabby - See, you are psychic :D I'm the last person to be revengeful, so biting is out of the question. Sigh.

    Serendib_Isle - Well you say that, but I know too many guys who turn a bright shade of green at the sight of competition!
    Thanks :-)

    Me-Shak - Well I don't think she knows, but she might think so, I guess. She's my friend so I don't really feel comfortable with feeling 'sorry' for her, but I'm trying to ignore it, yeah. Thanks :-)

    Gehan - It is sad! And I told you, I don't have any guns! :P

    Angel - Sigh I know. Thanks! :-)

    Anon - thank youuuuuuu :-)

    Delilah - I guess so. She really has nothing to be insecure about though. I'm not exactly a threat. But hey ho.

    Chavie - Hehe thanks :-) And hey, I've got you guys! So it sorta cancels out :-)


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