Monday, April 26, 2010

One existential crisis, coming right up!

Listening to: 'Hello, I Love You' by Glee Cast [Glee]

I'm turning 27 in exactly one month *gasp*. Shorty and I were trying to decide whether this means I'm entering my 'late-twenties', or if I can stretch the 'mid-twenties' for another year...I sure hope it's the latter! He-whom-I-really-should've-given-up-on-by-now said I don't look 27. I didn't dare ask him how old I do look...I mean no self-respecting adult female wants to be told by the guy they like that they look about 12, right? So I just joked about how I'd still get ID'd when going to 'spoons (it's trashier than it looks), and that was that.

And then I watched Episode 14 of Glee (which was amazing, btw) and realised that in certain aspects, I'm actually a nowhere-near-as-pretty hybrid of Rachel and Emma...minus the amazing voice and the OCD. *Sigh* pathetic.

OK I'm gonna go back to my thesis in an attempt to hide from the impending doom. What a way to bring up the 300th post eh?


  1. Congrats on the 300, I have read all of them and loved getting to know you with each and every post :)

    Awww he said that? More compliments eh? HMMM! :P

    I have related to some (come to think of it, very silly) onscreen characters too and oh how I loved getting blue, putting myself down over and over. Funny thing is, there's gonna be no one around to tell you that you aren't all the bad things you think you are...on the contrary, there will be plenty around to put you down along with yourself. So...shall we not go with the majority? :D

    I genuinely believe everyone has their time to shine, yeah? So this might be rough, very rough, and you are allowed to be blue but never ever lose hope or give up on yourself or relate to an over-achiever who gets slushies thrown at her and a doe-eyed woman with strange OCD's even with hot men around ;)

    ♫ We've been conditioned
    To not make mistakes,
    But I can't live that way...
    No one else, no one else
    Can speak the words on your lips
    Drench yourself in words unspoken
    Live your life with arms wide open
    Today is where your book begins
    The rest is still unwritten....♫

    (apologies for the long comment :D)

  2. Here's to another 300!
    Btw, you were born in May? Cool, so was I!

  3. It's still mid twenties! 300 posts is quite the milestone - I am very impressed and like Sabby says, it's been my pleasure reading them! :)

    Don't worry about the birthday - they are the celebration of us being around rather than us getting older! And if it makes you feel better let me tell you a lil' story (yeah it's one of those moments!). Last week, I went out to meet B and her fiancé and some of his friends with a friend of ours. It was early and we headed to a bar. The bouncer asked us for our IDs anf we both got very excited until he said "I'm asking everyone!". Which then made us a lil' like "Oh man!". LAter on in the evneing, we asked B if she'd been IDd and she said no and we were indignant that we'd been IDd and none of them had! Moral of the story: You can't win! :)

    (that probably has not made you feel any better nor is it even relevant but I shared nonetheless!)

  4. keep writing pseudo. loved em all :) and aw he thinks you are cute.

  5. Sabby - Thank you :-) I remember having 'Unwritten' stuck in my head for a whole day after seeing your comment! :D

    Sach - Thanks! And yeah, isn't May just the bestest month ever?! ;-)

    Scrumps - "birthdays are the celebration of us being around rather than us getting older" - I think I'm gonna keep that one! :D Haha yeah I know...bouncers are weird :D

    Delilah - Thank you! :-) Haha no no, 2 plus 2 does not equal 42! :P


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