Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pipedreams are made of these

Listening to: 'Jem Theme' by Jem and the Holograms [Jem]

I want to be a singer in a band. It'd be a five-piece - drums, keyboards, lead guitar, bass guitar, (I figure I could manage that). The drummer would be a girl...I've always thought female drummers were cool, ever since I saw Raya on TV (please don't judge me). We wouldn't be famous or anything...just playing the pub circuit and generally having fun. I'm not sure what I'd do during the day...probably work at the post office or something. The lead guitarist would get all the groupies (yes, even crappy bands get groupies in my dreams). And the keyboardist would secretly fancy the drummer (well he'd think it's a secret, but everyone would know, obviously). Oh and I'd have a steamy love affair with the bass guitarist that we'd have to hide from the other band members.'t thought of the rest yet.

What's that I hear you say? PhD? Imaginary band members? Wishful thinking? Delusional? Gah, trust you to spoil my pipedream! Oh well, I guess I'll just go back to singing along (out loud) to my iPod as I walk down the street, hoping for a Shola Ama moment.


  1. Raya? really? I've had the hots for Meytal Cohen ever since I saw her in this. Certainly a genre worth expanding :D but there's something about female guitarists too.

    Anyway so why dont you? Is it out of the question to find a few like minded people and do a circuit of the pubs or wherever with Open Mic type events? Hellooo, you can sing. and wow tambourine? way to reach for the stars :P

  2. wow what ARE u listening to?!

    ok i could totally fall for a female drummer.. haha.. though 'steamy love affair with bassist' sounds a bit detrimental to the band, ala Fleetwood Mac...

    what would this band be called?

  3. my word... SCANDALOUS! aren't u. hehehe

  4. Musicians are hot! I can totally see why you'd go for the bass guitarist! Pipedreams are awesome! x

  5. Excellent taste in musicians you have, I must say. The bass guitarist is the best of the lot :P

  6. Dili - Me thinking a fictional cartoon character was cool and you fancying a real person aren't really comparable :P But yeah, there's an admirable air of confidence you see in women who play traditionally 'male' instruments.
    And yeah it would be pretty difficult to find ppl who aren't already in bands. Also, my voice isn't versatile enough to front a band. And here, don't diss the tambourine ok?! :P The only instrument I play (badly) is the violin, so even if I started learning a suitable instrument now, I'd be way past my 'prime' by the time I'm good enough to play in public.

    Gehan - What? Don't tell me you didn't watch Jem...I bet you know all the words to the theme song and everything :P
    Ooh ooh ooh maybe you could be the tragically loved up keyboardist in my (fictional) band! C'mon, you know you want to ;-) And yeah, the affair would spell disaster for the band and our short-lived small-scale success. What to do.
    As for the name, like I said...I haven't thought much about it. Any ideas? :P

    Hisham - Yeah, like totally.

    Scrumps - I know, dreamy right? As for the pipedreams...they keep me going!

    Sabby - Tee hee :D I know! So sexy, yet unassuming. OK must not get carried away :P

    Dee - Hehe well he already has a band, and I don't live anywhere near him,'s not really an option!

  7. lol how about something generic and 'brit', like "the chemicals" or "mid-twenty crisis" or something..? haha this is such a ridic post :P

  8. I remember Hugh Laurie, now in his 50's and plays awesome piano for Band from TV, saying in an interview that he only picked up the piano again recently, for Band on TV, for the first time since he was 9 years old or something. Theres no such thing as 'prime'. :)

  9. Gehan - LOL the first one sounds a bit too much like The Qemists, and as for the 2nd...see today's post :P And why you dissing my post eh? YOU keep commenting on it :P

    Dili - hehe no I meant I'd be past my 'prime' in terms of my voice :-) And the etiquette for female performers is very different to that for males. No one wants to see a woman in her 50s on stage, unless she's like Debbie Harry, Tina Turner or Aretha Franklin.


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