Saturday, January 12, 2008

Movie mania!!!

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It has been a week for movies. First up: Enchanted. Oh man, do I love Disney or do I love Disney?! Think Snow White + Cinderella + Sleeping Beauty + Patrick Dempsey + James Marsden - what more could a girl want?! I laughed throughout the entire movie, bopped my head to the songs, and skipped my way home afterwards (only to jump onto Youtube to find clips of the songs). Ah, to be a Disney princess. Apparently Amy Adams' performance has earned her a Golden Globe nomination - the only other nominee I've seen is Nikki Blonsky, and while she was pretty good, I think Amy Adams kicks ass big time.

Next up: I Am Legend...and I'm sorry, but it's come to a stage where any movie with Will Smith scores very high in my books. So yes, it does have a certain ID4/I, Robot air to it (i.e. Will Smith manages to save the world, just 'cos he's so cool)...but he IS cool. And the movie is cool. Unless of course you're doing research in genetics, in which case this movie isn't really gonna make your life easier!

And now for the ones that passed under my radar for various reasons: Saw II and Ali G Indahouse. I haven't seen Saw, and I don't know if I'll watch the subsequent releases, but I have to say despite the gore, Saw II was a good movie. I'm still trying to understand why anyone would want to make a movie so gruesome, and how anyone (who's not a total sicko in urgent need of psychiatric help) can get a kick of watching so much blood and guts...what's the point? Personally, I think the concept was amazing (twisted, but amazing) and the movie would've still been extremely good without all the graphic scenes. Anyone care to enlighten me?

And then Ali G immediately after - all I can say is...hahahahahahahaha!!! The guy is a legend. I spent the whole movie trying to remind myself of the fact that Sacha Baron Cohen is a Cambridge graduate. I loved Borat, and I loved this.

Oh and I also saw Evening and Feast of Love on the flights to and from the States - both were decent (the latter being the better one), but quite forgettable compared to the ones I've mentioned.

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  1. I loveddd I am Legend. Do you remember the bit where he did pull ups on the monkey bar?! *drool*

    Watch Saw (the first one). The best one, me thinks.


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