Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Out of the loop

Listening to: Radio 1

The war is over. My virtual social networking outlets are awash with patriotic sentiment. Dissection of His Excellency's address is in full swing..."he should've said this", "why didn't he say that" etc. etc. Concerns about the next stage ring out as loud as the firecrackers that are apparently threatening to deafen my parents. Apparently the flags are flying high. Apparently tomorrow's a national holiday. Apparently VP's body was shown on TV. Apparently, apparently, apparently...erm yeah.

I'm at a loss for words. I'm half expecting to wake up and find out that the past 24hrs have been a dream...my subconscious' idea of a sick joke (it does that to me sometimes). In the midst of all the relief and reflection, I can't help but feel a little...detached. This is a Sri Lanka I don't know. This is a Sri Lanka I'm unable to witness. This is a Sri Lanka I'm not sure if I'm a part of any more. I commented on a post by Rhythmic Diaspora a while back, saying that I don't feel like I 'belong' anywhere any more. That's what I feel right now.

I eat Bangers and Mash. I listen to Girls Aloud, The Wombats and Dizzee Rascal. I use words like 'knackered', 'chuffed' and 'nowt'. I'm addicted to Radio 1. I supported Team GB at the Olympics. But then I also use the word 'bugger' to refer to almost anyone and everyone. When I'm stressed, I ramble in Sinhala to my British workmates (you should see their faces!). I crave fish curry. I miss ODEL. I have ~50 packets of Lak Peyawa in my room (I have no faith in this Lemsip nonsense). I choke up whenever I sing the National Anthem.

Am I not British enough for the British and not Lankan enough for the Lankans, or am I too Lankan for the British and too British for the Lankans? Is there a difference? Does it matter to them? Does it matter to me? Who knows...I sure as hell don't.


  1. You're an outcast. We don't want you. Go away, you bastard child of two countries!


  2. 'Knackered', 'chuffed' and 'nowt' sound really sexy. :D

    You are a Brit Lankan. :p

  3. Papare's comment says it all... ;)

    P.S. didn't know such words existed before I read this! lol

  4. I agree with Papare too.
    Do you sound sexy when saying those?

  5. @Sachintha - Oh, I'm pretty sure she does. ;-)

  6. Jerry - waaah :'(

    St. Fallen - No one, hopefully :)

    Paparé Boy, Anon, Sachintha - boys, boys, boys...calm down! (I'm assuming Anon is male...) I assure you there is nothing sexy about those words, regardless of who says them :P

  7. Serious post, funny comments. I blame Jerry for everything. Including you feeling a tad lost.
    (Jokes apart, I do understand how you feel – but “kavada kaapu takaran da?” will never be the same in English, noh?)

  8. you remind me soooo much of my Aussie cousin akkis... :D I once lost sleep thinking what the future will be like, whether their children one day will ever call Sri Lanka an ancestral home or become full Aussies or all kindsa mumbo jumbo. So no point losing sleep over it again ne? :D

  9. I keep reading the title of this post as Out Of The Loo :D

  10. Ok im a bit late to this...

    first, what does 'nowt' mean then?

    and then, well, i felt detached myself when the whole thing was going on. Just because your sentiments aren't in common with what appears to be the vast majority's is no reason to doubt your nationality!

    You bottom is still brown. just like mine. And its that particular sri lankan islandic shade of brown.'that can never be washed away..

    PS if bottom is in fact NOT brown, please know that i merely meant in in a strictly metaphorical sense :D

  11. It's tagging time again!

    And I still think those words sound sexy.

  12. Serendib_Isle - lol yeah, let's blame Jerry :D

    chavie101 - :)

    St. Fallen - lol :D

    TheWhacksteR - hehe 'nowt' means 'nothing' :)
    *checks colour of bottom*...*wonders what shade qualifies as 'Sri Lankan islandic brown'* :D But seriously, yes I know what you mean :)

    Sachintha - Haiyo, then you are beyond help, my friend! :P

  13. I am sorry but I have been giggling over Jerry's comment...teehee =D


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