Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It's December

Listening to: Radio 1

...which means it's officially OK to share the best Christmas song ever made.

Back when she was normal and awesome. Oh god how I loved her.

Chris Moyles played it on Radio 1 and I danced around my room like a right loony...15 minutes later, I'm still short of breath. And that's how it's done, boys and girls.


  1. Agreed, the best song of the modern age. She has a beautiful voice, pity she does not put it to better use.

  2. I love this song! And you have inspired me! :P

  3. Ok, so now you've totally got me singing Christmas tunes now. This will not bode very well for my housemates.

  4. Jack Point - well to be fair I think the voice is past its sell by date. She could've done without the boob job though.

    Scrumps - my pleasure!

    gutterflower - haha brilliant! I hope they joined in!


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