Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Summary of Sorts

Listening to: 'The Long Day is Over' by Norah Jones [Come Away With Me]

Wahey, I have some free time? Who cares that it's 6 minutes to 1am?! Not me, obviously.

Let's long is it since I've posted properly? 17 days, according to my calendar. That's a long time. You'd expect me to have gone through a few ups and downs in that time. Surprisingly, I don't have much to tell.

The highlight of the past two weeks was ShortStuff's birthday. 21...FINALLY!!! Words cannot describe the look on her face when the 10-12 friends she expected turned into almost 30 friends from all over the UK. 'Twas a pleasant evening - not without hiccups, but overall quite smooth. Haelios brought his shiny new EOS that's one big toy. It came in handy when taking neat portrait pics of all those worthy of being photographed.

We now have a printed research project poster, and a powerpoint presentation. Presentation is on Monday. I'm not that nervous - we know what we're doing, so there's no issue of being stuck for words during question time. Project Management is a colossal waste of time, but 5% has been completed already.

What else...oh, the beautiful people raised their ugly heads momentarily...apparently being acquainted with me isn't something to be say it hurts would be putting it mildly. Excuses have been made in some cases, however...and I have no option other than to take them on trust. I like to think that times are changing...

Oh well, I've been here an hour and have dozed off too many times...I've nothing else to say anyway...

Will update again once I've done my presentation.

Good Night.

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  1. what happened with these said "beautiful ppl" with ugly heads? I'll hammer them for you.......


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