Monday, February 26, 2007

Mega Update

Listening to: 'Twenty-Four' by Switchfoot [The Beautiful Letdown]

Blogging's much more difficult this year. The thought "oh I should blog this" comes to mind an immeasurable number of times...but good intentions are all that exist. I'd like to get to bed in 12 minutes, so here goes.

I'm a lot less depressed than I was when I entered my last post, you'll be glad to know. A word of advice...diving into other people's love lives is an excellent way to divert attention from oneself. You use up so much energy sorting out other people's problems that by the time you actually have time to yourself, you've forgotten why you were upset in the first place, and you're too tired to care. Awesome. That's escapism, I hear you say? Perhaps, but tell me how this is different to drowning your sorrows in a bottle (or more) of wine, or burying your head in a cloud of smoke. At least this way, I'm making someone else's life better by helping them deal with their issues.

Speaking of wine, the peer pressure's getting to me. No, I'm not about to cave in and become an alcoholic...but I do feel that I'm in fear of being ostracised for not conforming. All the cool kids drink, and only the cool kids are...well, cool. Am I OK with not being a part of the cool kids? Probably not...and that's where the problem lies. I need to become less dependent on the cool kids...I mean, being cool isn't that big a deal, is it? Hmm...

In other news, I went into the lab! Fears have been dispelled temporarily, but I'm sure they'll be back soon. Until then, all systems are go.

It is late, and I am dozing off as a type I shall now go to sleep. Hopefully I'll return soon.


  1. 'Cool' kids who go on about how much they drank and how sloshed they got are in fact not so cool. Drinking is a personal thing, just like how you might like or dislike seafood. If you like the taste, go for it, some wines/cocktails can be yummy, but don't consider doing it just because the cool kids do it. They're really not all that cool:)

  2. so either i am not cool bcos i dont drink, or you think i am cool person and lie to you when i say i dont drink. hmmmm? :)

    you and me, we are way beyond cool. FACT


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