Sunday, February 17, 2008

Why do we blog?

Listening to: 'Virtual Insanity' by Jamiroquai [Travelling Without Moving]

So I was sitting in the office today (yes, Sunday), waiting for my experiment to finish. To take my mind off tomorrow's bound-to-be-disastrous supervisor meeting, I wandered over to the online edition of The Times...and I came across this. It made me wonder about the purpose of this blog. I dug up my first post ever, and it appears this blog was multi-purpose at first. But now? I don't know.

Blogging is therapeutic - every blogger knows that. And the bloggers...well we're performers, aren't we? This blog is my attempt at pseudo-theatrical grandeur, I am the star of my own epic, and those of you who read this are my captive audience. There's something intoxicating about an audience giving you their undivided attention, hanging on your every word. And the fact that some of you have no clue whether I'm actually like this in real life adds to the excitement.

I blog to relieve stress. To vent. To exercise my creative writing skills (hey, if petite anglaise can get a book deal...). To see if the people who read my rants can show me the other side of the coin. To share my experiences. To give me something to do. To make this lonely existence maybe a little less lonely. I'm sure there are other reasons but they don't come to mind now.

So maybe I'm feeding an addiction to getting attention. So what?


  1. hello!

    i think it's quite brave of you to blog. as anonymous as it is, putting yourself out there for anyone and everyone to see is, i think, brave.
    i'd never be able to do it!

    but i love (love!) reading your blog. i see alot of myself in you. not everything, but some things.
    it's pretty cool.

    which is also why this is not just a comment but a request for you to add a new blog please! - we're waiting! :)


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