Monday, April 14, 2008

Rage against road rage

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And so the (primarily Sri Lankan) joke goes...
Q: What's the difference between a porcupine and a Pajero?
A: With porcupines, the pricks are on the outside
I think in Cambridge, the word 'Pajero' could be replaced with any of the following: car, bus, van, lorry, or any other type of vehicle that I've missed. Do they hate cyclists that much? I mean what kind of asshole would accelerate when he sees a cyclist crossing his path? Honestly, makes me want to get off my bike and go and punch them. Although considering the size difference between the trucker and myself, that might not be the best idea I've ever had.

Is it just 'cos I'm a novice? I've been cycling for about a month now. I've overcome my fear of falling - I know that sounds silly, but imagine you've been told that the smallest fall could paralyse you from neck reward seems worth the risk. I stick to the cycle lanes where they exist, and I get out of the way when I'm finding it difficult. I apologise when I make a mistake, and I make sure the road's clear before changing lanes, turning etc. Are motorists that impatient that they have to toot the horn at me the second the light changes? I appreciate that when they see a twenty-something on a bike, they don't automatically assume that she's still learning, but still?!

I think I've changed in two ways since starting to cycle. Firstly, I've become a better pedestrian. Cambridge is fully of pedestrian/cycle friendly roads, and pedestrians tend to think that they can walk in the middle of the road, even when the pavement is empty. This is especially true of those pesky continental European teenagers whose behaviour I detest so much. I shouted at one the other day. I rang my bell, said 'excuse me' as clearly as I could, and she still thought it was cool to stand in the middle of the road and twirl her curls. I should've shouted "Oi stupid cow, get out of my f***ing way!"...but I managed to stop at "Oi!". I think I'm glad I didn't swear at her, but I probably wouldn't have had to rant in this post if I did.

As for the second way I've changed...I think I've become less tolerant. Can you tell?

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