Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Can't Do Culture

Listening to: 'Mistress Mabel' by The Fratellis [Here We Stand]

There was an article on the beeb a few days ago, that spoke about how 'the British are uniquely happy to admit being bad at maths'. And then about half an hour ago, the DJ on Radio 1 confessed to being a horrendous cook. And it got me thinking...why are people so keen to embrace failure?

The article postulates that school children would probably do anything to avoid being labelled as a swot. While that can be understood in terms of avoiding the bullies, what about the same attitude in other avenues of life? Why do we not strive to improve our lives? Why are we so willing to sit around like lemons and blame everyone and everything around us? Binge-drinking is blamed on low-price supermarket alcohol. Debt is blamed on the government. Negative body image is blamed on celebrities. Why don't we exercise our willpower and resist the booze offers? Why don't we learn how to budget our expenses? Why don't we make sure that we're healthy and then love our healthy bodies, regardless of how others look? Why don't we try? Is it that cool to be inadequate?

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