Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In Search of Equilibrium...

Listening to: 'Nine in the Afternoon' by Panic at the Disco [Pretty. Odd]

...between what I think others expect of me, and what I can comfortably be
...between who I want me to be, and who I really am
...between what I wish I could achieve, and what is realistically possible
...between what I think is important to everyone else, and what is actually important to me
...between yearning to be loved, and learning to love myself

Is 'cutting your losses' just a euphemism for 'giving up'?


  1. Personally I go for the ‘low expectations = achievable goals’ approach. Considering the alternative of ‘high expectations = failing’, that is a fair trade-off!

  2. Equilibrium or a breaking point where you stop worrying about what others expect and start dealing with what you expect? Sigh..wish I had an eloquent saying like you usually do..but all I can say is good luck!:)

  3. Yeah that's been my motto for a while, Darwin...but other people still have high expectations of me and sometimes I feel that the fact that I don't set my personal expectations high enough makes me a failure in their eyes. So there's no way out really.

    Ideally, n, I would like to see this as a breaking point where I stop giving a rat's ass about what others expect of me...but I know myself well enough to know that I will always living my life to please other people. So I think equilibrium is the next best thing. Thanks for the luck...I need it! :-)


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