Thursday, July 03, 2008

I've got Wimble Fever, and there ain't no cure

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And so here we are: the final four days of Wimbledon. The most glorious Grand Slam of them all. And apart from yesterday, the weather's been perfect for tennis (apart from the wind, perhaps). This is so unlike Wimbledon! Still, who am I to complain?

The gentlemen's singles have gone pretty much to plan, apart from bad boy Safin beating the crap out of Djokovic. To be honest, it'd be foolish to assume that Federer's gonna walk all over Safin in the Semi...but then we are talking about Roger Federer, the greatest player of this decade, possibly longer. Attitude-wise, it's gonna be like McEnroe v Borg all over again (or so I've heard). I'm hoping for another Federer v Nadal final, and this time I'm going to be rooting for Rafa. Yesterday's annihilation of Andy Murray was so clinical, it was unbelievable. If anyone can challenge The Fed, it has to be Nadal. Vamos Rafa!!!

The ladies' singles, on the other hand, have been turned on their head. Maybe the Beeb spoke to soon with this article about Serb dominance of the circuit, but now we're left with the Williams sisters (unsurprising really), Elena Dementieva, and the proverbial giant-slayer, Zheng Jie. I really don't want to see another Williams v Williams final. I mean all credit to them, they play well...but it's like watching a men's final! The women's game used to be more graceful than the men's, and I was grateful for that. The Williams girls are anything but graceful. However, the only way I see any chance of a more interesting final is if the wildcard can continue her amazing run. Beating Serena Williams will not be easy, but I think Zheng Jie has more of a chance than people would care to admit. C'mon Zheng Jie!!! (I guess I don't need to say that I think Venus is gonna tear Dementieva to shreds)

So there we have it. Rafael Nadal and Zheng Jie - my hopes for Wimbledon 2008. And if that doesn't work, Roger Federer (which wouldn't be so bad) and probably one of the Williams sisters...*groan*.

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