Saturday, July 26, 2008

(Un)Rul e (y) Brittania

Listening to: 'Ai No Corrida' by Rhythms Del Mundo [Rhythms Del Mundo, Cuba]

I just saw this article about two drunk British women who had tried to open a cabin door mid-flight on BBC. Wow, they're sure helping to cement the reputation Britain has for being a nation of alco hooligans. What I don't get is, why? Why does Britain have this reputation? Why is the country full of knife-wielding teenage chavs who spend their days and nights getting drunk on Tesco value vodka? Why does the UK supposedly have the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Western Europe? Surely issues like juvenile delinquency and poor sexual health should be more common in less developed countries? Why is it that with so much opportunity for success in this country, a considerable number are pissing about at home and fudging benefit claims so they can drink the Treasury dry?

Why am I more bothered about this than the British themselves?

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