Monday, July 06, 2009

OK, now what?

Listening to: 'Always Be My Baby' by Mariah Carey [Daydream] Wimbledon men's final prediction was pants. The 'other' Andy (i.e. Roddick, duh) made the final against the greatest tennis player of all time, but Federer needed two tie-breaks and a mega 16-14 fifth set to overcome the American. Words used to describe the final include 'epic', 'awesome' and 'boring'...I'm just stunned that Federer only managed to break Roddick's serve once in his 38 service games throughout the match, and even that only when Roddick was clearly showing the strain of his 5-set QF (v Hewitt) and 4-set SF (v Murray). I was also stunned that Roddick squandered 4 set points in the second set the words of possibly the most controversial (or entertaining, take your pick) tennis player of all time, you cannot be serious?! (Aside: how's this for attitude?!)

If last year's tournament was one of 'epic rivalry', this was one of 'epic 5-setters'. Cilic v Haas went on for so long that they had to come back the next day for the fifth set. Murray v Wawrinka was played under the brand spanking new (retractable) roof, complete with floodlights; the fifth set finished at 10.38pm. And then there was Roddick v Hewitt, in which I think the cameramen spent more time filming the two wives than the players! There were probably others but those were the matches that stuck in my mind. I have to say I got very excited when I saw the roof being brought on. And hey at least I was right about one thing...this was one of the driest Wimbledons we've had in a while!

I feel sorry for Andy Murray. The boy tries, he really does. The British press should shut the hell up about him being a 'surly Scotsman' and start concentrating on his tennis. So he's not the most charismatic, best looking, most stylish player on the circuit. Who cares?! There's a BBC article today about how Roddick's coach has said that his game needs to become less defensive. Now that's what we should be focusing on: his tennis. I can't say I'm surprised at Stefanki's comments though...'defensive gameplan' seems to run deep in British sport.

Hmm...I suppose I should talk a bit about the women's game *yawn*. I have to say I was quite impressed with Elena Dementieva. Her shrieking wasn't too annoying and she actually made Serena struggle! Now if only her game was a bit more consistent! Dinara Safina on the other hand, seems happy to be the most consistent loser on the women's circuit. Seriously, it's about time she tried to win something important for a change. And she's still No.1...what a joke. Maybe I'm being unduly harsh, but still. When are we going to see some real competition for the Williams sisters?! The Eastern Bloc is letting us down!

Anyway, as the Facebook group had posted, "there's a Wimbledon shaped hole in my life today". In fact, there's a sport-shaped hole in my life today! T20 WC: over. Wimbledon: over. Pak v SL: haven't been following too closely but it's not looking good. Hmm...oh wait, the first Ashes test starts on Wednesday! Excellent! And Brett Lee is out for at least two tests. Maybe England can capitalise? Hmm...nah I didn't think so either. And when I get sick of watching England get massacred, I can switch back to the tennis for the US Open. Will Rafa be fit? I hope so.

Summer of sport, why must you distract me so...*sigh*


  1. Lol! I know what you mean! I can't wait for the Ashes though. Hopefully before long the football season will have started. I am absolutely gutted for Roddick. Can't believe how he messed up the second set. I has such split loyalties - wanting both men to win. One to break to the record and the other just for trying and playing so damn hard!

    And I just can't take to Andy Murray. He's just so miserable! I know I should concentrate on his tennis playing ability but he needs to endear me to him to want to watch him - which he just doesn't! :|

  2. sorry for the late comment! :D yes terribly gutted for Roddick as well.. he used to be one o my fav players, then his inconsistency and his attitude annoyed me.. perhaps a rennaissance of sorts now?

    the ashes has started rather tamely.. i jus dnt feel the same without lee, mcgrath and warney in the mix...

    as for ur wimbledon shaped hole, i guess i have an NBA shaped hole too.. but the off-season is filled with awesome signings and trades and rivalries n wat not :D gtta love sports...


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