Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Listening to: Radio 1

So I've been at the new place a week now. All unpacked, photos up on the wall etc. - it's great! I'm actually liking chilling out at home, which is more than I can say for the previous place. I won't be getting internet until BT sorts out the phone line though, so there's been some heavy duty radio tunage going on. I usually listen to daytime radio and then switch off when it gets to the specialist shows, but I've listened to some of them in the past week and I'm actually enjoying the music they play! Yes I'm still more into the mainstream stuff, but the specialist shows do play some mainstream music, which is good for me. I've got a few new favourites, which I thought I'd share. I haven't included vids for all of them, for whatever reason, but feel free to snoop around on the internet if you fancy. Hope you enjoy!

No Sleep Tonight - Enter Shikari

So wikipedia says these guys are 'post-hardcore'. I'm like 'huh'? I don't usually like shouty songs, but there's something about this song that makes me wanna close my eyes and spin around in the rain with my arms stretched out...erm yeah.

If you like that, also check out Biffy Clyro's new track 'That Golden Rule' if you can find a decent-quality version.

UPDATE: here's the video to That Golden Rule

Rock It - Sub Focus

I appear to have developed a fondness for mainstream electronic drum n bass. This version takes a while to 'get going' compared to the radio edit, but I still like it :-)

If you like this, try anything by Pendulum or Chase and Status.

Blue Skies - Noah and the Whale

Total wind-down. I tweeted yesterday (I think) that this song makes me want to hug some one. They (evidently) haven't got a video for it yet, so here's a live version. You can listen to the studio version on their myspace page.

If you like this...hmm...Kings of Leon. Anything off 'Only By The Night'. I need to get me that album.

Oh and check out Muse's United States of Eurasia (with Collateral Damage, unless you don't like classical music).


  1. ooooh, glad that the moving went off well and that you're liking the new place Pseudo! :D

  2. hey hey! alrite, i liked the first track, havent listened to the rest yet... and kings of leon is lovely, i am addicted to "be somebody" and "closer".. check em out if u havent heard those yet...


  3. kings of leon are awesome! and i love that track from noah and the whale. should check out your other recommendations sometime. :)

  4. Hope that killers poster is in it's place.

    Or Else.

  5. Chavie - thanks!

    Gehan - yay! :-) You should check out the other Enter Shikari stuff...pretty cool! Re: Kings of Leon, I ♥ 'Be Somebody' - the beat is amazing. I just listened to 'Closer''s growing on me.

    who else but me - :-) Noah and the Whale are pretty good. They perform a lot with Laura Marling, whose lyrics I adore. She's quite folksy, though...dunno if you're into that. If you are, then check out Fleet Foxes as well :-)

    Jerry - killers? What's that? :P ;-) And 'or else' what, Berrykins? :D

  6. Or else I will mention you in my next post! :P


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