Sunday, August 09, 2009

I should be working, but...

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It just struck me that I haven't blogged in a while, so this is supposed to be an update of sorts. Not that there's much to update. I've been working, and that's about it. Went to my first 'British' wedding...'twas very nice, and the bride seemed totally relaxed and actually happy, which is a far cry from the Sri Lankan weddings I'm used to! I regret not taking part in the ceilidh, but I guess tripping on my sari and falling flat on my face while attempting the Flying Scotsman probably wouldn't have been the ideal wedding present for my friends. Note to self: to the next suddha (i.e. 'white person') wedding, wear a dress.

Aaaand...erm yeah. Went to the Grantchester Orchard yesterday with friends, and have possibly got an allergic reaction to something there...I was seriously rocking the 'Angelina Jolie hamburger lips' look last night :-|. Antihistamine seems to be working, thankfully.

I'm at work now and feeling rather hormonal and work-shy, so instead of doing one of my 22hr thingies, I'm (supposedly) preparing stuff to show my supervisor. It's time for me to start thinking about getting more funding, so hopefully he's in a good mood!

Just before I disappear back into the world of quantitative NMR, I'd like to draw attention to the 'See All My Photos' link on the sidebar, which used to link to my photostream on Flickr. It still does, but via a funky new site developed by my friend haelio (his lovely photos are here). My Flickr account hasn't been updated in a while, but I have taken a few new photos that need to go up there. I should get my home internet sorted out this week, so hopefully those photos and the somewhat dubious cover I'm currently attempting should find their way online soon.

OK, back to work...*sigh*


  1. If you've got Jolie lips now, I say KEEP 'EM!!!

  2. a post! FINALLY!!! :D

    lol, I just can't get the image of you flying/falling in a sari out of my head! ;) and all the best with superman Pseudo! :)


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