Friday, August 14, 2009

How many artists can Mika get sued by?

Listening to: Radio 1

How many of you have come across Mika's new single "We Are Golden"? I have to admit I'm not a fan of the song (and an even lesser fan of the video), but here it is (bad quality but no copyright issues, so you should be able to see it wherever you are) -

Exhibitionist much?

There are quite a few "omg this sounds like..."s floating around the internet, and the major players are Belinda Carlisle's Heaven is a Place on Earth and Annie Lennox's Walking on Broken Glass. For me, this blast from the past popped into my mind as soon as I heard Mika's track -

Can you believe I wanted to marry the guy? When I was 8, of course.

Compare Mika's track from 1:06 to Jason Donovan's track from 0:54. See what I mean? No? Oh well, just me then.


  1. ROFL!!!!

    ok first of all.. what a terrible song.. and secondly.. what a terrible video.. and THIRDLY.. how the heck did u remember that song?! hahaha.... but ur rite it does sound very similar....

  2. tee hee :D Told you, I wanted to marry the guy! I had a full-size poster of him on my door. Slightly obsessed? Perhaps. And I can actually remember a fair amount of the lyrics. Shameful, I know :D

  3. who IS that caterwauling banshee?? O_O (I do know, but i prefer the bliss of self-imposed ignorance here)


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