Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh. Em. Actual Gee.

Listening to: 'Feeling Good' by Muse [Origin of Symmetry]

First, there was Matchbox Twenty. Then there was John Mayer. Most recently there was Snow Patrol (see here to see how excited I was about that), with Diana Krall, Ladyhawke and Black Kids along the way. And now...
I'm going to see Arctic Monkeys live at the Brixton Academy NEXT WEEK!!!
Yeah you read right: next week. I got an email from the Arctic Monkeys website a few days back, saying registration was open for pre-sale tickets for a special concert next Wednesday. So I figured what the worst I wouldn't get an email back, and at best I'd get the opportunity to see them live. I wasn't actually expecting to get picked, but I did! Imagine that (well there goes my quota of good luck for the next 5 years :P). Anyway, after a mini scheduling crisis, managed to confirm that Shorty would be able to get off work in we're off!

It hasn't done wonders for my budget, but who cares :D. I kinda wish it had been when Alex Turner had a better hairstyle, but hey, can't be too picky no? :D

So yeah. I think I'll work half-day on Saturday (my usual 'off' day) to compensate for the fact that I'll be leaving early on Wednesday. Work is horrendous at the moment so this'll be a good mid-week break I bet. And then it's back to London the following weekend for a wedding! Oh the life I lead :P


  1. Arctic monkeys FTW!
    Why don't superawesome people ever visit us in littleislandland. :( All WE get is Shaggy and UB40!

  2. Wahhh! So so jealous! :O
    Put up photos of them! *sigh*
    & have fun! :D

  3. Mak - hey don't diss Mr Boombastic! ;-)

    Dee - tee hee :D

    She Who Eats Cookies - hehe :-) There are two pics here!

    St. Fallen - haha you think this is me showing off? Go read the post-gig post :P


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