Monday, March 23, 2009

The I-don't-know-what-to-call-this post

Listening to: Radio 1

Hmm...having a bit a of blogger's block. There's stuff to write about, but the motivation to sit down and type it all up is missing. This post is gonna be a bit random, the purpose being just to get back into the swing of things.

Thanks to everyone who wished my mother well (either on the blog or in person)! She's resting at home now and getting properly pampered by everyone who knows her...sorta like a prolonged Mother's Day :-). It also means that my father's doing all sorts of housework, which I find hilarious :D.

The Snow Patrol gig was amazing. Gary Lightbody's voice is like wow. And I don't mean just when he's singing. I swear the Northern Irish accent is the sexiest accent on the planet! I melted every time he spoke. Even when he spoke about how it was his sister's birthday and his 'favourite aunties' were visiting London. Sooo not rockstar :D I think that's what I love about them - they're just so 'earthly'. The band and their music are so tangible. Back to the gig, the performance of Run started with a spine-tingling acoustic version. Practically everyone was singing along, and if you could dare to close your eyes for long enough, the atmosphere was just electric. I almost cried. As for the Matchbox Twenty v Snow Patrol debate, Snow Patrol are far better at connecting with the audience. And MB20 didn't make my heart thump. Does that give away my choice? :-)

I've got a few mega-long experiments this week. I'm quite excited about getting useful data, but not looking forward to the lack of sleep. I don't have time to spread the experiments out over a few weeks so I just have to get to it. It's an interesting time for my project, and the stuff I'm finding out is actually really cool, in a very geeky way. I just hope I can figure it all out perfectly soon!

To be honest, it's an interesting time for my life in general. The depression that plagued me about a year back does make infrequent appearances, but in far lesser doses. Everything seems more manageable. And when it does get too much, I can turn to my parents...something I didn't feel comfortable doing before. Work is sorting itself out, and Spring is making a few flowers bloom for me :-). It just goes to show...when you sort yourself out, everything else falls into place :-).

Oh wow, there goes the blogger's block!


  1. atleast the block is gone!!:D
    good to know ur mum's good...and that spring has arrived:)

  2. lol u are SO biased jus cos o his accent :P

    ah well, i spose im more of a matchbox fan than a snow patrol fan, so perhaps id feel da opposite if i was at their concert :)

    glad u had fun!

  3. LD - :-)

    Gehan - and your problem is...? :P I think I rank them equally as far as the music goes, but SP are just better live.


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