Saturday, March 14, 2009

If there's a rocket, tie me to it...

Listening to: 'If There's a Rocket Tie Me to It' by Snow Patrol [A Hundred Million Suns]

...and take me home. My mother's fallen and smashed her knee cap, so she's going into surgery in half an hour's time. The practical side of me has evaluated the situation and my parents' voices, and determined there's nothing to worry about. Routine op, short convalescence, plenty of support from neighbours and friends...and my mother's meditation habit has made her calm. The emotional side of me, however, is a wreck. I'm feeling considerably better after talking to SoulSister (nothing like a phone call across two continents to set things right), but I'm still a bit shaky. What the hell am I doing sitting in front of my computer, when I should be at home making sure my parents are OK? My mother's gonna be out of action for about two weeks...and my father has to work...this is the bit where I'm supposed to step in and take over. But what am I doing? I'm getting ready to go to London for a Snow Patrol gig.

Yup, it's time. Tomorrow evening at the O2, 4 friends and I will be watching my favourite current band perform (I'm still undecided in the Snow Patrol v. Matchbox 20 battle). I've waited ages for this. I was excited last night but this morning's events have put a downer on things...must get back in the mood. Mother would be distraught if I don't enjoy myself because of her knee.

Before that, however, I need to go shopping - I'm going to a 1920's themed formal dinner next week! Long lacy gloves, feather boa, low-waist your heart out, Roxie Hart!

OK I'd best go get ready. Waaah I just want to hug my mummy.


  1. sorry to hear abt ur mom! like u said tho, im sure she'll be fine.. and no, u dnt have to be takin care of ur parents, ur here in england and thats jus da way it is k? besides, like u said, im sure ur mom would want u to have a blast! :)

    and im leanin towards matchbox 20.... :D id go for their show in a heartbeat...

    aah another party.. someone is steppin out a lot... :D

  2. Snow Patrol!! Always Snow Patrol *draws little hearts*

    Awww sorry about your Mum, sweetness. I know how it feels, Mum had a op in her hand and I wasn't there and I was so bummed out :( but Dad took good care of her and i'm sure yours would too! =) *hugs*

    Have a good time: at the gig and at the party! =)

  3. hope mum feels better. mwah!

  4. Thanks for the wishes, guys :-)

  5. ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! snow patrol?? why you lucky.... ^*^*&()##$@! ;)
    though i must admit that Matchbox 20 are pretty hard to beat! hootie and the blowfish??

    Hey, on a serious note... hope mom's gonna be all right... must be tough on you! hang in there...

  6. Hey hope your mom gets better soon! dont worry a kneecap doesnt take very long to heal :) take care now.

    Ditto on the bands. Althoughi think MB 20 is still slightly haead onthat one. they are simply classic man


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