Friday, March 27, 2009

The Cover Session #3

Listening to: nothing

Long overdue, I know. Life's been getting in the way. Anyway, I managed to find a decent karaoke version for this track that didn't restrict my artistic license *cough*. Again, I'm not entirely happy with the timing, but there's no editing or harmonising so it shouldn't sound very choppy. The piano might be a tad too loud, but I can rectify that easily, so no biggie.

Here you go - Angel by Sarah McLachlan, from the City of Angels soundtrack. Enjoy!

In other news, yesterday I sent Shorty an email about how I might deal with a situation, saying "I don't want to be like Jane, but then I don't want to be like Lydia either." I can't believe I compared my response with those of two characters from Pride and Prejudice. Sigh.

I initially posted this yesterday but the audio was playing up, hence the repost.


  1. :D ur making a lot more progress compared to me...! i like it... and u should mess around with the riffs and stuff too, make it ur own.. :)

  2. Haha 'progress'? I'm just cheating by using karaoke tracks :P Glad you like it :-) Yeah I need to experiment a bit.

  3. before you act like either, make sure he is a Bingley and not a Wickham ;)


  4. Thanks who else but me :-) ! *blushes*

  5. One word. WOW.

    *feels empowered*



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