Sunday, March 29, 2009

3am musings

Listening to: 'Liberian Girl' by Michael Jackson [Bad]

I'm in the lab and trying to stay awake, so please forgive the randomness of this post.

I'm currently full of ideas. An idea for a blog post (a serious one) and an idea for a cover version. And I have no time to develop either. I'm always either asleep or in the lab! I suppose I could try writing the post now, but my cognitive powers aren't at their best right now!

I just had a mini-heart attack thinking I had forgotten to take a reading. But it's OK, I had taken it and forgotten about it. When you walk between the office and the lab every half hour for 20 hours, the memories do blur about half way through. I suppose missing one data point wouldn't be disastrous...I missed one recently 'cos I dozed off. Whoops! Moving on, why did the deuterium lamp on the UV spec have to die today?! I'm gonna have a massive backlog of samples to analyse when I manage to replace the bulb next week. What a waste of time. Stupid equipment getting in the way of my PhD.

I'm dancing in the office. It's helping me stay awake, somewhat. If I was at home right now, I wouldn't be able to have my music this loud, thanks to my uber-light sleeping neighbour. Then again, if I was at home right now, I'd be snug as a bug in a rug in my bed. Grrr.

The clocks have gone forward. So I've lost an hour. Which is OK, considering I'm awake. I think my sleepiness is related to the time I read on the clock, as opposed to how many hours I've been awake. I mean when you look at the clock and see '03:54', you think oh shit, I should be in bed!, no? But I can't not look at the clock either, 'cos then I'd miss the time to take my readings. Sigh.

Hmm I need to renew my visa. But first I need to prove that I'm not a terrorist. No I'm not joking. I need authorisation in accordance with the Academic Technology Approval Scheme, which is a counter terrorism and weapons proliferation initiative of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Go figure.

Boat Race!!! Actually to be honest, I don't really care. I tried going once - the last time Cambridge won - and by the time we got to the river, the boat had passed. I mean what's the point? Far better to watch it on TV or listen to the commentary on the radio. I do want Cambridge to win (obviously), but considering The Other Place is fielding a boat with five Olympians, it's unlikely. Yes, five out of their eight raced for Team GB. There should be some law limiting the number of national team members you can have. It's not fair. Last year they had some US Olympian, if I remember right. Honestly, they're turning into Lufbra for boaties (no offence to anyone associated with Loughborough Uni)! Yes yes I'm grumbling, so what. Anyway, Go Light Blue!

Ooh Aussie Grand Prix in a few hours' time. No I'm not into F1, I'm just saying. Kimi Räikkönen's kinda cute. But yes, I shall be all British and say go Button go! Because I think Lewis' ego is bigger than the circuit.

Jane and Lydia are still battling it out in my head. But Lizzie seems to be making her voice heard, so hopefully all will be sorted soon.

I need sleep.

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