Sunday, February 22, 2009

I want to break free!

Listening to: 'Kick, Push' by Lupe Fiasco [Food and Liquor]

I want to move. Well I have to move in a few months' time, when the lease on this place runs out and College tells me they haven't got rooms for 4th years. I've had a look at a few websites, and rooms in shared houses seem pretty reasonable. But I haven't seen any I like, and I don't think I will.

I'm sick of the student life. I'm sick of sharing a tiny fridge with 4 people. I'm sick of having to turn my music down 'cos my neighbour is a light sleeper. I'm sick of having to keep the volume of my giggles down when Shorty visits 'cos my neighbour is a light sleeper. I'm sick of the queue for the bathroom. I'm sick of the messy bathroom. I'm sick of the messy kitchen. I'm sick of eating my meals in my bedroom. I'm sick of keeping my microwave and my kettle in my bedroom. I'm sick of keeping my toiletries in my bedroom. I'm sick of having clothes in suitcases 'cos I have no room in my wardrobe. I'm sick of not being able to buy books because I have nowhere to keep them. I feel trapped!

I want to get a place of my own - a 1-bedroom flat, or a studio apartment...but they're a lot more expensive than I'm used to. And since my parents are still paying for my accommodation, I feel bad to go for something fancy. But I feel. so. trapped.



  1. Well, nothing much to be said other than this is the life of a student I'm afraid! I don't want to appear unhelpful, but living in a shared house will most likely be a lot worse than your current setup unless you're lucky and get good housemates. If you can try and get a house with people you already know that would be great though :)

  2. :(
    Breathe into a paper bag, dahling. Works for me.

  3. studio apartment! an extra part time job maybe??

  4. awww.. only a bit more to go??

  5. any way you could rent out what you want and share with a friend? So that you can manage the costs....

  6. yes, and im sure u could use the privacy to dance naked too...

    ok sorry, i cant get over that one :D

    yes, shared living quarters can be strenuous, especially if one of the room mates is a light sleeper/hard worker/allergic to laughter type person :D good luck with the apt hunting...

  7. haelio - No worries, I know you're right. Unfortunately good friends don't automatically make good housemates, and I don't think me living with friends is an option. Will probably have to delve into the savings.

    Mak - hehe thanks :-)

    mp - Nah don't think that'd work - need to use all my time to do my work :S

    Dee - Hopefully! *fingers crossed* About a year anyway.

    LD - I don't know of many friends who are in the same position, and I'm not entirely confident about sharing with friends :-(

    Gehan - lol you're easily amused, no? :P Thanks dude :-)

  8. Ah it's funny to read this when I know you got yourself a fab place even if it's with suspicious ceiling growths =P


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