Monday, February 16, 2009

Personal hygiene and other random scraps

Listening to: 'My Stupid Mouth' by John Mayer [Inside Wants Out]

We all like to smell nice, right? I'm not big into perfume - in fact I can't tell the difference between the various brands - but I try not to stink. It's quite simple really. Stinky breath? Brush teeth. Use mints or breath spray thingy (I have one in my bag). Stinky body? Have a shower. Use shower gel and deodorant. It's hardly rocket science. Or is it? These undergrads would have you believe so. Oh yes, it's them again. The same undergrads who happily played in the snow two weeks ago when they should've been at their computing session. Oh boy they stink. I mean seriously! You're 20...the hormones are supposed to have settled by now. I refuse to believe that the majority of undergrads in our department have hormonal imbalances. How can I teach properly when the remnants of your lunch are wafting up my nostrils? Yuck. I can almost excuse the guys...lazy buggers...but the girls? Perfect hair, perfect nails, colour-coordinated outfit...and BO. Geez.

And on a totally unrelated note, am I the only one who finds British policemen hot? Yeah I know that sounds really wrong. But there was one outside Sainsburys today and ooh la la la! And it's not the first time. There's something about that uniform, I tell you.

Oh and I was watching trailers on the Apple website, and I saw the trailer for 17 again. Now I haven't seen any of the HSM movies, but this is almost making me want to. Is that I think Zac Efron is kinda lush? I know it's not illegal, but still...?

Sigh...I think I'm the one with the wonky hormones :S


  1. lol i think its all this talk abt hot bloggers etc.. its got ur fire started, if u kno what i mean ;)

    and good lord, Zac Effron?! next ur gnna tell me u like the Jonas Brothers.. :P

    to be fair tho, men find women in uniform kinda hot too.. well certain uniforms at least.. hmmm... ;)

  2. u must really despise these UG's eh?? lol :)
    Hey! there's always Christmas.... like all women, you can subtlely give gifts like Deo, body spray and perfumes and hope they use it...

  3. G - JoBro? No way man, I have standards! :P Although I do like their song 'Lovebug'.

    mp - lol nah I love 'em really. They just test my patience, that's all :-) and LOL at the gift idea :D

  4. Haha BO is nasty shite, man.
    Send the message home. After telling the stinkers to take their seats, run from one end of the class to the next, spraying them all with air freshener.
    Then go 'Phew' and resume class like nothing happened.

    And guys in uniform are hot!
    Zac Effron is not!


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