Saturday, February 28, 2009

10 Things I have learnt this week

Listening to: Radio 1

  1. Not everyone thinks I'm stupid or weird for wanting to teach undergraduates.

  2. Advice is only useful if you're in the mood to accept it.

  3. Sometimes, the fact that someone lied is more upsetting than the truth they were trying to hide.

  4. You are your own saviour.

  5. I have balls (metaphorical ones, silly!).

  6. I have a "mess with me and you will regret it" voice (not all the time, just when I need it :D ).

  7. I have a suppressed violent streak.

  8. I may be an ancient postgrad, but I've got the moves (and the stamina) to dance all the kids out of the club! (G, that's what the tweet was about :D )

  9. I'm too old to be able to go clubbing and wake up on time the next day

  10. Wham!'s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go was the first song I fell in love with (apparently my mother had to hide the cassette and tell me it was lost, just so I'd stop asking for 'Wuk Me Wup')...and I still love it.


  1. 6. and 7. ... reminds me of your announcements for choir in school before I knew you... you were scary! looked and sounded like you'd rip my head off if i made the slightest noise during your anouncement! :)

  2. Haha! Very interesting!
    And Wuk Me Wup kicks ass, man. It's one of my must-sing-in-shower songs. ;D

  3. ancient post grad?! ur 25!!! ur in da prime of ur life, woman!! :P as for clubbing and wakin up on time the next day, ur jus outta practice..

    and cos i like u, im gnna pretend i didnt read that part abt Wham!... < barf! >

  4. Chinny!!! - eek was I that bad?! So that explains why everyone paid attention. Whoops! :D

    Mak - Hahaha I know, it's awesome. I wouldn't be able to sing it in the shower though...I wouldn't be able to stop dancing and I'd slip and fall!

    Gehan - Oh I'm ancient in uni years...this is my 7th year in uni! And I don't even have an excuse of being a medic. Haha so the feet aching bit is also due to lack of practice? ;-) And you no like Wham!? :-(


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