Sunday, February 01, 2009


Listening to: 'The Lightning Strike: What If This Storm Ends?/The Sunlight Through the Flags/Daybreak' by Snow Patrol [A Hundred Million Suns]

So I know the idea of 'going to the sales' is that you check out the clothes that are on sale. And I know that you're supposed to stay away from the clothes that aren't on sale, because they are too expensive for you. No matter how adorable they are. No matter how many different Audrey Hepburn-esque poses come to mind with you wearing these non-sale items. No matter how...
Sorry what? Oh yes, receipt in the bag is fine, thanks.
D'oh! But how could I not buy this?! Sigh.
Isn't she gorgeous? Stripy thingy isn't new, I just put that there for contrast.

Oh well, I'm rationalising my purchase by telling myself that since I spent only £110 out of my £200 camera budget, I can afford to spend £40 on a coat. I earned this money, dammit! Sorry what was that you said about a recession? Hmm.

OK me go back to dreaming about prancing around Cambridge in this coat...which is all I'll be able to do with it for a while, it's supposed to snow next week! Brrrrr!

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