Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Cover Session #2

Listening to: myself (not as narcissistic as it may sound)

Woo, I've done a second track! As I get more into this hobby, I'm becoming more ambitious, so I've decided to rename the 'acoustic session' as the plain and simple 'cover session', just in case.

I have to say I'm not entirely happy with this one. Every time I listen to it, I wish I had a string quartet at hand...or at least a drum set...but I have neither. The timing's a bit off and some of the samples end a bit abruptly, but this is a learning curve, so I'll remember this stuff for next time.

So anyway this time I've gone for indie instead of jazz. The song is One Day Like This by Elbow. To be honest, the inspiration was more from Snow Patrol's Live Lounge version than the original, but it is a beautiful song nonetheless. I might give this song a second attempt at some point, but for now, enjoy!


  1. I suggest you investigate Microsoft Songsmith.

  2. Hmm... not bad,
    A singing Chemical engineer????? i thought i'd seen it all :P

  3. very niiiice...! :D

    err but u spelt ur name wrong on da track :D lol... :P

    otherwise its very very nice :)

  4. You're great! Would sound better with music.

  5. Sid - Thanks! I will :-)

    mp - LOL obviously you hadn't :P

    Gehan - LOL so I did! Thank you, it's fixed now :-) Glad you like!

    Mak - Thanks :-) Yeah...hence the craving for a string quartet :-(

  6. haha we should do an 'international' colaboration :D u do vocals, ill plonk keyboard, u put it tog.. yea u get to do da hardwork... :D

  7. He He :-)
    Lovely. Just came across this blog though i lurk on your other blogs. You are heavy like loaded gun....... Ok Ok just from your own lyrics. How do i add this widget onto my blog? This is cool stuff. Could you tell me how / just give me the links for downloads please. Hope i'm not troubling you with my silly requests. Thank you. keep going..... your voice is nice.


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