Thursday, February 26, 2009

Advice for all sexually frustrated postgrads

Listening to: 'Rivers of Babylon' by The Soweto Gospel Choir [African Spirit]

Do not treat undergrads as eye candy (even the really cute ones). You never know when you'll end up being their supervisor.



  1. ?
    Doesn't that just mean you'll get to ogle them more openly and more often? >.>

  2. isnt that like a plus a way? ;)
    and WHO are you eye-ing ?:P

  3. tsk tsk.. shame on u, ogling at undergrads..! :P this is just God having some fun at ur expense.. lol... btw is this why ur a 'funky grandma'...?? :D LOL..!

  4. yeah.. and doesnt that mean that you can seduce them as well :P

  5. Mak - Well it would also mean that they would notice!

    LD - Oh just some random undergrad I met in the dept...who turned out to be not so random :S And I'm too embarrassed for it to be a plus point!

    Gehan - LOL I know. What to do...must make do with what I have no :P And lol no no, that's unrelated - see the post after this one :-)

    Dee - Yeah yeah...laugh at my expense :P

    Whack - I think there are probably rules against that sorta thing :P Actually no I don't think there are, but ew I don't wanna be a cradle-snatcher! LOL


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