Saturday, February 21, 2009

Killing time

Listening to: 'Believe Me Natalie' by The Killers [Hot Fuss]

21hr experiment time, yay! :P I decided not to go to the chinese takeaway today, and had Nandos instead. Yummmm.

I've got to take readings every half hour, which doesn't leave a lot of time to sleep, so I have to keep myself occupied. I've got to prepare for supervisions...I'm supervising a course that I was crap at as an undergrad! Not sure how that's gonna work out but we'll see. I guess the trick is not to go around telling people I was crap at it. Oops.

And if I get bored of reading about the quantification of logic trees (which I most definitely will), then I will blog about random stuffage. And if I run out of random stuffage to blog about, then I shall read random stuffage that other bloggers have written. And if all else fails, there's always Spider Solitaire.

I know the most difficult time will come at around 4.30am, when my body aches and my mind is frazzled. But power naps are all I can give myself, so hopefully they'll do the trick. Peppermint tea might help...although I don't really like to look inside the office kettle. And before you ask, there's no coffee...but coffee doesn't have any effect on me anyway, so I guess it's just as well.

Oh well, I've got 12 hours to go, so I'd better get started on the supervision work.

*Yawwwwwwwwwwn*...oh dear.


  1. haha if all else fails, theres always facebook! the no.1 way to pass the time.. haha.. you can also rehearse for ur next recording ;) tho i spose if ur faculty catch u singing in some dark corner of a chem lab, they might recommend u take some time off :D

  2. Facebook and blogthings quizzes!
    And eating high-glucose food stuffs inspires one to write much random stuffage, as you might've noticed from my blog. ;)

  3. When I did my PhD and had to go through periods like this.... Mmmm.... I removed all my clothes and danced nude... Seriously :-) :-)

  4. Gehan - lol yeah FB...I did spend some time on it but no one was updating anything so it got kinda boring after a bit. And I'm trying to figure out what to do for the next recording! I have a few in mind - some easy, some totally weird :S

    Dee - lol :P

    Mak - yeah...I ran out of food :-( I forgot about blogthings! Aiyo.

    Nibras - now that would be an interesting way to kill time...I don't think the Health and Safety Executive would encourage that though ;-)

  5. err.. yeah.. dancing nude... why didnt i think of that......




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