Sunday, March 08, 2009

Party time!

Listening to: 'Spring' by Jacques Loussier Trio [Vivaldi: The Four Seasons]

So I've been partying all over the place this weekend. Well OK, just two parties...but still! Can I first say how annoying my sari was to iron?!?!?! Stupid flimsy 6 yards of nonsense. And why is it that my stubborn hair takes 2 whole hours for me to get a salon-finish look?!?! Sigh. Anyway, mini-rant over.

The first 'party' was the department annual dinner on Friday. Food was OK, music was mediocre (What you mean you don't know what cheese is!?! Where have you been all your university life?!)...but the company was great. A few friends from my undergrad days managed to make it, and we had a great time. As for my supervisees...well let's just say they were somewhat surprised to see little ol' me prancing around in a sexy dress ;-).

So that was Friday. And then on Saturday, my friend who had come up for Friday's dinner drove me down to London for my second 'appearance' of the weekend. Managed to find my way around the extremely useless London Underground (I mean how is it that almost every line in Central London is having 'planned engineering works' on the same weekend?!?!) and made it to Shorty's place with surrogate little sister in tow. Using Shorty's as a base, my friends and I got all glam (me in aforementioned sari) and then made our way to the Imperial College SL Soc Dinner Dance. Which in hindsight, should probably be renamed the "OMG I haven't seen you in so long!" Dinner Dance. I lost track of how many people I met after however many years - mostly from school days. It was surreal. The entire evening was a blur of "OMG hiiiiii!!!" and 'brown party songs' - i.e. no cheese, just rnb. Which was fine, since I can't really imagine 400-odd brown people bustin' a move to ABBA. I would've preferred a bit more baila, but the music was mostly decent.

It was raining on the way back to Shorty's, which was a bummer, but oh well. We got ready for bed and then someone decided we should play one round of Cranium...we went to sleep at 6am.

I made my way back to Cambridge after lunch, and got myself a Marks & Spencer microwaveable lasagne for dinner (which despite being 10p more expensive than the Sainsburys version, doesn't taste any better :S ). I have a supervision tomorrow afternoon for which I could not be less prepared, and my supervisor is breathing down my neck asking for results. Sigh...the ball's over Cinderella :-).

Until next weekend that is...bring on Snow Patrol!!!!!!!


  1. shaaaa.. nice to see you had a good time..:)

  2. ah, so instead of ogling after the undergrads, ur tryin to make em come to u instead huh? devious, devious :P where are ur photography skills on nights like these huh? :D lol...

    seems like u def had fun tho.. :)

  3. Woohoo!
    And 'stupid flimsy 6 yards of nonsense'! LOL tell me about it.

  4. LD - Thanks! Yeah it was fun :-)

    Gehan - Damn, was it that obvious? :P And I did take quite a few photos, but they're all of me with various friends...nothing exciting.

    Mak - lol yeah it's so annoying! I love wearing sari but ironing is a bloody nightmare!

  5. Hehe...the Imperial Dinner Dance...helped organize that back in 2001...memories, memories:)

  6. N - Hehe yeah I figured it'd bring back some memories for you :-) I don't know how it was when you guys did it, but it's expanded a lot since the last time I went (2005)!


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