Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why do I even bother?!

Listening to: 'Brick by Boring Brick' by Paramore [Brand New Eyes]

You haul your lazy ass into the lab, with a plan to steadily chip away at that mountain of work that needs to be done before you go home.
You stare mind-numbingly at your computer screen while the hours crawl by, waiting for the 7-hr reaction to be completed, so that you can do the last bit of your experiment and go home for a late dinner.
You go back into the lab as the end time approaches, hungry, bored and tired...only to find that the bottle of solvent you need to complete the experiment is empty. Now there are two possibilities: either someone finished the solvent and put an empty bottle back in the cupboard, or someone didn't close the bottle properly and the solvent evaporated. Either way, it's bad news. You go on a hunt around every lab you have access to, but you can't find what you need.
You scold yourself for not checking the actual contents of the bottle when you checked on it earlier, and curse whoever caused the stuff to disappear. Tomorrow's Friday, which means it'll be Monday by the time you get a new bottle, which means you've now lost 3 days of potential experimental work.
You shrug your shoulders and put your rain-gear on, and step outside to start your journey home. You cycle through the river that was once a main road, all the while feeling the wind push you sideways, and squinting to clear the rain from your eyes.
You get home and try and find space for your soaking wet rain-gear, shoes, socks and jeans on the two radiators, and have a long bath.
You put some Paramore on ('cos nothing else is angsty and melodic enough) and heat up the microwaveable Sainsburys bacon and leek pasta bake (well it was either that or the microwaveable spaghetti bolognese), and sit down to type up a blog post (at least then the day wouldn't have been a complete waste).
And now you will dry your hair (which will no doubt take ages), take a dose of fukitol and get into bed with a good book, only to fall asleep before getting to the end of the first page.



  1. *huggles*

    It'll all work out man! I'm sure it would! :)

  2. try some Iron & Wine
    always fixes my day (:

    The Shepherd's Dog - get that album

  3. Ehehe. U need a dose of Lankan Awesomeness. Get here soon will ya :D

  4. Just a few more weeks. Go to that paradise, consume alarmingly large amount of insanely spicy food, bask in evening sunshine, a bit of beaches, hang out with old friends and you'll be fixed in no time.

  5. tell me about it, ive been having a week from hell too. no end in sight, iraq war etc. wtf did i ever opt to do a phd?!

  6. Strange, I thought I commented on this.
    Anyway, that's one hell of a bleugh day. Those suck. It's one of those days which should just be blacked out!

    Do it, do it...snap your fingers...and let it be gone :D

    Well, fukitol works too :D

  7. Chavie - thanks :-)

    St. Fallen - I just listened to Iron & Wine's 'Naked As We Came''s lovely! Thanks for the tip :-)

    GG, Sach, Serendib_Isle - Hehe perhaps, but work does take priority :-)

    Darwin - *sigh* yeah. Hehe that analogy of yours cracks me up every time :D

    Sabby - lol I'll keep that in mind for next time ;-)


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