Friday, June 18, 2010

I really need to buy myself a vuvuzela

Listening to: 'Tenderoni' by Kele Okereke [The Boxer]

I've only been paying cursory attention to the World Cup. In fact yesterday's France v Mexico was the first match I watched...and even then, I left at half time 'cos I was hungry. In hindsight, it would've been good to see the goals...but truth be told, there wasn't much to see after Carlos Vela went off to nurse his hamstring. Apart from Patrice Evra, I guess...but his skin-tight top was a bit too distracting (and not in a good way).

But er, yes...back to the football...or not. I first heard this song when Chappers (formerly off of the Scott Mills show) played it on his 5live footy show (and then tweeted about it). It's now being played a fair bit on Radio 1, and quite rightly is genius. And for those of you who have already seen me going on about it on twitter and fb; yes, I am obsessed.

So yeah. Maybe I should get me a vuvuzela. It might get me kicked out of the pub this evening though. Oh well. COME ON ENGLAND!!!


  1. I want a vuvuzela soooo bad! So far I have had to settle for the iPhone app but it's not that bad! :)

    England! Woooooooo!

  2. I feel sorry for twitter :(


  3. I would just love to see England lose, just to see all my fake England-supporting friends' faces after it happens. muhahaha! :D

  4. Scrumps - LOL well on Newsbeat they seemed to suggest that Sainsburys was selling them but I didn't see any at ours...

    Me-shak - hehe yeah they seem to have underestimated the strain the World Cup would put on the service.

    Chavie - that's not very nice :(

  5. Pseudo - It would be a Spain losing to Switzerland all over again! :D Some people just become fans of the better performing teams overnight.

  6. Chavie - So? I was happy for supporters of the Swiss team and sad for supporters of the Spanish team. I don't see the point of your comparison. In any case, the fact remains that you want a particular team to lose so that you can have some moral victory over a handful of glory supporters, but you forget that there are millions of genuine supporters who would be devastated by such an event. I'm sorry, schadenfreude just sits very very low in my books.

  7. I NEED ONE TOO! I actually like the vuvuzela & all the drama it caused. its retarded buh way cooler than BP oil spill.


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