Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Return of the King

Listening to: Radio 1

  • 7 Grand Slam wins
  • 40 career wins
  • 2nd player to win 5 or more French Open titles (after Björn Borg)
  • 5 wins at Roland Garros in 6 years
  • Not a single set dropped in the 2010 French Open
  • Only 2 sets dropped in the entire 2010 clay court season
And there are probably a few more I don't know about. OK so maybe it wasn't the most riveting match ever. Soderling tried, but he was totally ineffective in the face of such excellence. Ladies and gentlemen, the King of Clay is back.

Oh yeah and he'll be #1 tomorrow :-).


  1. Such a great game it was, and Raffa deserves to win :D
    To the king of the Clay!


  2. Pffft.

    Okeh okeh.


    He does deserve it. I dont hate him anyway. ehehe


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