Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How did I feel?

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First of all, thank you very much to everyone who commented on my last post. I purposely didn't talk about my own reaction, because:
a) I didn't want to influence anyone's response, and
b) I genuinely wanted to know how you would feel.
So now I will tell you how I felt.

Overall, I couldn't care less. When I heard it, I'll admit...it stung a bit. But my very next thought was a big fat 'meh'. I was facing my back to the guys so luckily I didn't have to look them in the eye, but anyway I just completely ignored them and walked towards the dancefloor and joined my friends.

A lot of you had suggested retorts I could've used. To be honest I wouldn't have wasted the pleasure of my attention on them, but if I had, I probably would've said something along the lines of "Thanks for the tip, Captain Obvious". I mean let's face it...I know I have miniature boobs, I see them every day. It's one of the many things about my body that I hate (there's a long list). But...I've come to terms with it. In fact, I've come to terms with the entire list (almost). And that's why it didn't bother me. Nothing to do with the perpetrator, the venue or the value of the comment. All to do with me.

Looking back at at the episode, I can break down the moment between the initial sting and the final 'meh' into micro-thoughts...and it goes a little something like this:
  1. Ouch!
  2. It's ok, only a little prick *tee hee*
  3. This is proof that sexual harassment isn't just a 'Sri Lankan man in a bus' thing
  4. Wait, so that was the only negative thing they had to say about me?
  5. Yeah, go ahead and watch this ass as it walks away, way out of your reach.
Ahem...yeah OK so I may have added a little bit of swagger to my walk towards the dancefloor :P

So there we have it. To be fair, they were just stating the obvious. I suppose a part of me just assumed that that's what guys think when they see me any way...so I wasn't surprised in the least. Don't get me wrong, I know the statement was offensive, but I wasn't 'offended' as such...I've been told far worse (namely "she should put a bag over her head"). With regards to this episode, I suppose "water off a duck's back" is a good way of describing how I felt. I consider that to be a good thing...don't you?


  1. meh yeah who cares -_- anyway small boobs = great runnin on the beach, not looking all slutty in cleavy tops. SEE? its super awesome! :D

  2. Wait, let me get this straight, so you have small boobs and big ass? Lovely combo, if I may say so.

  3. Chavie - :)

    Dee - Er I have never run on a beach and I have no intention of ever doing that, and small boobs in a cleavy top make me look like a man...so it's not super awesome at all :P I appreciate the sentiment but I don't need to be given shaky reasons to not hate my boobs. I disagree with the notion that we have to love our bodies.

    Sach - haha no you've got it all wrong...the only thing about me that's not small is my attitude :P

  4. You go girlfriend :D

    (teehee :P)

  5. "I've come to terms with the entire list (almost)."

    It's the hair isn't it?


  6. Sabby - :D

    Jerry - Well the hair is on the list, yes :D


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