Saturday, April 09, 2011

Behold the moment I died and went to heaven

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OK so I don't really know how to put this, other than to say...


Now let me tell you how.

Middlesex CCC are playing Cambridge MCCU this weekend, in Cambridge. In case you've been living under a rock for the past I-don't-know-how-long, England fast bowler Steven Finn plays for Middlesex (along with England captain Andrew Strauss and England batsman - and my future husband - Eoin Morgan). So I knew Finny was gonna be in Cambridge this weekend (the other two are on post-WC leave and IPL duty respectively), and decided to do viva-prep all day and then cycle over to Fenner's for a bit of the afternoon session.

I got to Fenner's and I watched the cricket and took a few photos, all the while surreptitiously trying to spot the delectable Mr Finn. I mean he's 6'7"...surely he can't be that difficult to find? And sure enough, he wasn't...'cos a few mins later I saw him walking towards the bench where I was sitting!!!!!!!!!! He was with another guy who I assumed was a friend. I kinda whimpered "Finny" (I was sooooooo nervous and excited and my heart was RACING) and I don't think he heard me but the other guy did and he stopped and then Finny looked at me and smiled and then I asked "could I get a photo please?" and he said "yeah sure" and then I like a dumbass turned my camera OFF (so classy, PR :-| ). So then I fumbled and turned it back on again and the other guy offered to take the photo so I said yes please. And then I said "hmm maybe I should stand on the bench" and they laughed and then Finny stood next to me (and I almost died) and then we took the photo and then I said "thank you" and he said "no worries" and then I said "good luck" and he said "thanks" and then I sat down and then I realised that the other guy was actually a journalist about to interview him. Oops.

So yeah. I was planning on just getting an extensively zoomed-in picture of his right foot or something, and instead he stood next to me and I got a photo of us. Perhaps I should buy a lottery ticket today?
yes, that's how much I was smiling/blushing
I should probably try and calm down and get some work done now. EEE!


  1. LOL! Loving the censored face :D

  2. Saw the pic and wondered how tall you were if 'Finny' is 6'7". The part about you standing on the bench explained it all :)

  3. Haha I was going to say the same thing what Guiding Spirit said above.

  4. Lol. If you're this excited meeting Steve Finn, I wonder how excited you'd be meeting Eoin Morgan. :P

  5. Sabby - :D

    Guiding Spirit, Sach - haha...I'm a midget in comparison :D

    Jack Point - :-)

    Danny - Oh god you're telling me! I think I might cry if I see Moggie. Or faint. Or cry and then faint. Actually I'd probably get arrested :D

  6. What a big mouth you have PR! :P


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