Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seven nights in with the idiot box

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So since I've been awol, I thought I'd share what I get up to in the evenings. Which is basically a lot of TV. In case you weren't aware, Freeview is awesome.

2000-2030 - University Challenge (BBC1) - my twitter followers may recall my elation last week as I managed to get 15 questions right (out of, I dunno, 50?). The questions are usually so highbrow, it's a wonder I even understood that many!
2235-2305 - A Question of Sport (BBC1) - clearly Monday night is 'specialist quiz night' in my flat. I pride myself on being able to get the majority of the cricket and tennis questions right (I'm rubbish at other sports, but oh well).

2000-2100 - Made in Chelsea (E4) - yeah so it's actually broadcast on Monday nights but clashes with QofS so I just watch the repeat on Tuesdays. I thought I would hate these 'staged reality' shows but OHMYGOD it's so much fun. The majority of the characters are either complete a-holes or so posh it should be illegal, which means I have plenty to laugh at.
2200-2230 - Later Live with Jools Holland (BBC2) - half an hour of live music, need I say more?

2200-2300 - Fresh Meat (Channel 4) - the writers of Peep Show made a tv show about uni students with Joe Thomas off of Inbetweeners and Jack Whitehall...was I ever not going to watch this?


2100-2200 - Strictly Come Dancing (BBC1) - starting this week, can't wait! Harry Judd, nom.
2200-2230 - QI (BBC2) - what could be better than Stephen Fry, Alan Davies and a myriad of bizarre facts? Nothing, that's what.
2230-2300 - 8 Out of 10 Cats (Channel 4) - Another random quiz show. With Jimmy Carr, Jon Richardson and Sean Lock (and others). I loves it.

1930-2130 - X Factor (ITV1) - love love love this season. The new judges are brilliant.
Whatever movie's on (this week I have to decide between Frost/Nixon and Shaun of the Dead...or I could watch the latter on ITV1+1)

1945-2100 - X Factor (ITV1) - twice in one weekend, yay!
2100-2200 - Spooks (BBC1) - ah so good. Are real MI5/Russian agents really this easy on the eye? (Oh hi there Sasha! And Dimitri! And Callum!)
2200-2315 - Downton Abbey (ITV1+1) - the terrestrial airing clashes with Spooks, but +1 saves the day! TELL HIM YOU LOVE HIM, MARY! *ahem* sorry.
2315-0000 - The Only Way Is Essex (ITV2+1) - not as good as Made in Chelsea IMO (the characters are too realistic for me to be able to take the piss) but Joey Essex is adorable (albeit incredibly thick) so it's OK.

If I'm bored and there's none of the above on (or it's Thursday), you might find me watching Don't Tell the Bride on BBC3, Poirot on ITV3, or the endless reruns of CSI/CSI:NY/NCIS on 5USA. I've also been known to dabble in a bit of Outnumbered (BBC1), How I Met Your Mother (E4), Big Bang Theory (E4), Cleveland Show (E4), American Dad (BBC3), Family Guy (BBC3) and the Ricky Gervais Show (E4). Oh and if I'm up that late, Misfits and Skins. And there are always one-off documentaries on BBC1/2/3/4 that are quite interesting.

Soooo yeah. Seriously, who needs to illegally download stuff when there's this much good stuff on TV?!

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