Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Whinge whinge whinge

Listening to: 'Take It All' by Adele [21]

Just got back from the Dr's. Apparently the back pain isn't anything to worry about, but I've been referred to a physiotherapist just in case. And apparently I should start swimming again 'cos otherwise I'm on the fast track to becoming a cripple. Thanks for nothing, scoliosis.

Combine all this with the lack of money and the fact that a 45min swim session costs £4 (?!), and I am not a happy bunny. Where the hell am I supposed to find ~£20 a month from? Oh and have I mentioned how I don't actually like swimming 'cos it leaves me with a runny nose for the next 24hrs? Although I suppose I'd take a runny nose over using a zimmer frame at 40.

Ugh someone give me a job already.

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  1. Hmmmm... a runny nose sure does beat the alternative!

    I will have a job opening soon, but you probably won't be interested in it! lol


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