Friday, April 27, 2012

Work tales


Student 1: Dr, I'm not feeling well, can I go?
Me: OK
Student 2: *starts picking up stuff to leave*
Me: I'm sorry where do you think you're going? Only he's allowed to leave!
Student 2: Oh but Miiiiiissss...can I go please?
Me: Have you finished answering the questions on the board?
Student 2: *groan* Oh Miss you always have a way of twisting my arm, Miss
Me: Yup *evil grin*

I swear, sometimes I feel like I'm teaching kindergarten.

Am I on the wrong side?

Students are discussing the Avengers movie (which they're evidently going to see tonight), trying to decide which member is the best (they're supposed to be answering the questions on the board, but you can take a horse to water etc. etc.). I'm itching to join in. I've half a mind to go "♪I saw it yesterday, naa naa na naa naa!♪". I want to fangirl over the movie because IT WAS BLOODY AMAZING AND I LOVED LOVED LOVVVVVED IT AND I'M CONSIDERING GOING TO SEE IT AGAIN AT THE IMAX AND AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Instead, I just calmly inform one of the students that my powerpoint slides aren't in 3D so he can remove his 3D glasses.

Waxing Lyrical

Someone says something about one of the other staff members using a song to teach chemistry.

Me: *sounding far too excited for my own good* Oh you mean the Elements Song?!?!
Students: OMG you know it too?!

Conversation moves to how no non-chemist gets as excited about chemistry as Daniel Radcliffe.


  1. Haha, undergrads *facepalm* (as if he's any better) :D

  2. You know if you dropped some Avengers knowledge on them, your cred would go up and you'd have their attention more a la The Elements Song.

    Nah but you're too mainstream to care about that right? ;)

    1. Haha yeah I do know that, but it's a dangerous ploy - you need to make them think you're cool without them noticing that you're trying to make them think you're cool. If I butted into their conv, it would've looked a bit desperate.

      They are getting a Star Wars reference during Friday's lecture though :D


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