Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Every cloud has a silver lining

Listening to: 'Ways & Means' by Snow Patrol [Final Straw]

I'm on a *lunch break* from past paper questions. Went down to the post room as I do everyday at lunchtime, expecting to see an empty pigeon hole. As I've said before, I'm not a "my birthday" person, so I was caught completely unawares by the birthday cards I found! Even better was the fact that they were all from home. Never knew post could be this exciting. Why do phone bills and bank statements have to give it such a bad name?

I'm a good girl, so I won't open the cards until Friday... but it does make me happy that they're sitting on my desk in a neat little pile. I'm pretty amazed at the fact that it's made me so eager. Maybe I've found a good thing about birthdays afterall?

Speaking of birthdays, Happy Birthday Jr.!!! I'm glad the Weather Gods have been kind to you today, compared with the last few days!

OK I should really get back to work. Thanks to childof25, I'm indulging in some Snow Patrol. Bliss.


  1. You're very welcome...buy their album! If everyone buys it, they might do another tour soon and I might get a chance to see them :)...since it looks like I'm gonna miss out on their current tour :(

  2. Good luck Sam! Too bad you can't make it for the BBQ. We'll meet up after ur exams alrite? =D

  3. hey~!

    Its nearly your birthday so I'll wish you now.

    All the best for a memorable day~!
    Make sure you take some time out of revising to enjoy yourself.

    Hope everything you wish for comes easily to you this year!!



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