Friday, June 23, 2006

And it all comes crashing down

Listening to: 'In the Morning' by Razorlight [-]

Remember I wanted to see how I had done (i.e. in the class list)? Well I found out...and now I wish I hadn't. The term "scraping a 2.1" never had more meaning. I guess there goes my funding. So Venus, to answer your doesn't mean I'll be in Cambridge. The conditions for the Cambridge offer were twofold:
1) get a 2.1
2) show us that you have £66,000 in the form of liquid assets and/or loans.
The first condition I just managed to satisfy. The second, well I can't satisfy that, period. If I received Commonwealth Trust funding it might be possible, but considering the sorry state of my breakdown, I doubt I'll get even a penny. As for UCL...hopefully they won't take the value of my 2.1 into consideration. Otherwise I'm totally screwed, and worse, my parents will be mortified.

Add that to the fact that yesterday's mussels haven't been treating my digestive system well, and today is one shitty day.

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  1. Dam..I'm sorry to hear that :(
    Hopefully the Trust funding will work out?
    BTW 66,000 pounds for your PhD? Thats heap more than mine..must be because its engineering?

    Anyway chin up, 2.1 from Cambridge couldnt have been easy so well done :) I hope funding works out, I'm sure they'd know you would be an asset and wouldnt wanna loose you :)


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