Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sport, sport luverly sport

Listening to: banter on Radio 1

We've drawn the test series (mainly due to England's inability to keep victory/the cricket ball from slipping through their hands) and won the ODI series without breaking too much of a sweat. Two left to go...care for a whitewash, anyone? Apparently they've brought in Vikram Solanki for the rest of the series. Fair enough, I guess, considering that KP and Collingwood are limping around or something...but IMO all the batsmen in the world can't back up such wayward bowling. If they sort out Mahmood and Plunkett, KP won't have to score at least 50 in every match for them to have a fighting chance. I guess it's a blessing that Duncan Fletcher doesn't read my blog (I think) :D.

That said, we've got our own problems to sort out...but as long as Mahela and the gang can cover up the potholes with some superb individual performances, no one will realise that we've got a long way to go before West Indies next year and we'll go there and fail miserably again. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, GUYS!!!

So England are through to the Quarters. Some people say the performance was lackluster, some say it was solid. I don't know 'cos I didn't watch. But here's what I think...the winning team has to deserve to win...and if even one person thinks that England's performances are mediocre, they do not deserve to win.

Yay!!! My second favourite sport in the whole world :D. As expected, it rained on the first day of Wimbledon, while it was relatively dry everywhere else in London (I think)...I swear English weather is the worst thing about this country (or maybe it's the food). I usually support the underdogs in sports that Sri Lanka doesn't feature, but not in tennis...c'mon Roger Federer! Although it would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G to see Agassi kick his ass before retiring. OK I've changed my mind...Agassi! Agassi! Agassi! :D.

OK meeting with my would-be Cam supervisor in 45mins...now might be a good time to go get ready. Oh and I'm drinking white coffee again...bring on the milk, baby!!! And my parents are currently in transit at Abu Dhabi en route to Heathrow...could today get any better? :D.


  1. Holy shit. Is it already Wimbeldon? Bah, few would notice it with all dat soccer around ya?

  2. Haha yup it's that time of year again. Federer and Agassi are through, so's Hingis. I didn't like her those days, but I prefer her to the Williams' sisters.

  3. lol..i just figured out wat ur little countdown on msn is referring to..yes i know, im extremely slow :P

    Have fun at graduation..take pics

  4. And umm...she's a whole lot better looking than the William's sisters...still rooting for Kirilenko though :D


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