Sunday, July 02, 2006

Quick update

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Just a quick post before I crash (i.e. I'm too tired to type a long post). Few things to update on:
  • Sri Lanka thrashed England in the ODIs. Whitewash, as hoped for. England eat your heart out.

  • England lost to Portugal in a penalty shoot-out, resulting in their departure from the World Cup - feel a bit sorry for them really, although I don't necessarily think they deserved to win. Also, France kicked Brazil out, giving rise to an all-European semi-final stage.

  • Agassi lost to Nadal, but Murray beat Roddick - Britain's solitary victory on this multi-sporting day, but my favourite is out of Wimbledon. Back to Federer, I guess.

  • I graduated!!! 'Twas very nice with family and friends (who came up from London especially for the occasion). Felt like a bit of a twat in my gown, hood and mortar board, but I guess graduation is a freakshow of sorts.
So yes, today's been a busy day. I'm off to London on Monday and then flying home on Friday, so the next post on this blog will probably be from sunny Sri Lanka. That said, today was 27°C when I finished my graduation ceremony, so I guess I should call this place 'sunny Cambridge'? Hmm now there's something to think about while I get ready for bed.

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  1. congratulations on graduating !! and enjoy the summer in Lanka..

    yup it's been a real heatwave in the UK this weekend, had to get myself a power fan from Argos just to be able to watch telly in reasonable comfort :) hang on a second it's just started raining in Bath.. damn !!

    yup shame abt England & the footie but it was coming.. they just didnt seem to be playing confidently all tournament. Sven departs 25 million pounds richer, I'm kinda sorry to see him go.. not sure why exactly :)

    France were magic or rather Zidane was and Henry's goal was the icing on the cake.. was so glad to see the Brazilians out of the tournament.. again not sure why exactly :)

    good luck to Murray in his next match..he's looking good so far.

    and England are due to take on Pakistan at Lords next week in the cricket.. another whitewash u reckon? :)


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